Collot Dherbois, Jean Marie

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Collot D’herbois, Jean Marie


Born June 19, 1749, in Paris; died June 8, 1796, in Sinnamary. Participant in the Great French Revolution.

Collot d’Herbois, a provincial actor, lived in Paris after 1789 and became famous as a playwright. His plays reflected the acute contemporary social conflicts. He became involved in the political struggle, associating first with more moderate circles and then moving over to the Jacobins. He was a member of the insurrectionary Paris Commune, which formed as a result of the popular uprising on Aug. 10, 1792. He was a deputy to the Convention. At the session of the Convention of Sept. 21, 1792, Collot d’Herbois called for abolition of the royal regime in France. After Sept. 6, 1793, he was a member of the Committee of Public Safety, where he initially supported M. Robespierre. By late 1793, he was close to the Hébertists (left Jacobins). After the Hébertists failed to raise a rebellion in March 1794, Collot d’Herbois helped to destroy them. He was one of the organizers of the counterrevolutionary Thermidorian Reaction of July 1794. He became one of the leaders of the left Thermidorians. After he tried to oppose the unleashing of counterrevolutionary terror, Collot d’Herbois was brought to trial by the right Thermidorians and in April 1795 was exiled to Guiana.

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