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A congenital, pathologic, or operative fissure, especially of the eye or eyelid.
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a defect of the tissue of the eyelids or any internal membrane of the eyeball.

Congenital coloboma, usually found in the choroid or retina, originates with defects in the formation of the embryonic eye. Acquired coloboma develops as a result of punctures of the eyeball or surgical intervention (for example, iridectomy). Coloboma of the eyelids is often associated with other defects of facial development (harelip, cleft palate).

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Other lesions were rare like Lipoma in 4 (1.4%), Pleomorphic adenoma in 4 (1.4%), Benign nevus in 3 (1%), cavernous hemangioma in 3 (1%), AV malformations in 3 (1%) cases, Coloboma in 3 (1%) Meningioma Grade I in 2 (0.7%).
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Data of 21 eyes (21 patients) who had underwent surgery for RD accompanying chorioretinal colobomas were evaluated.
(4) There can be many associated systemic features including progressive retinal dysplasia, coloboma, congenital heart disease, microcystic kidney disease, liver fibrosis, polyldactyly and soft tissue tumors of tongue.
Participant 3 (Amanda) was deafblind and had a diagnosis of congenital anomalies, bilateral retinal colobomas, optic nerve scarring, and bilateral sensorineural hearing loss.
(8) The common causes of CSCR include pregnancy, subretinal neovascularization, optic disc colobomas, diabetic retinopathy, venous occlusions and choroiditis.
Ocular colobomas are developmental abnormalities resulting from incomplete closure of the embryonic choroidal fissure.