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Locating customer equipment in a third-party datacenter. Colocation often refers to Internet service providers (ISPs) or cloud computing providers that furnish the floor space, electrical power and high-speed links to the Internet for a customer's Web servers. Colocation eliminates having to build a secure facility that provides power and air conditioning for company-owned servers. In addition, colocation centers are often located near major Internet connecting points and can provide access to multiple Tier 1 Internet backbones. Although most equipment monitoring is performed remotely by the customer, a colocation datacenter may offer equipment maintenance and troubleshooting arrangements.

Other Colocation Scenarios
The term stems from the telephone industry when one telco would house the equipment of another to facilitate interconnections. Another type of colocation could be a computer distributor or online retailer who locates its warehouse within a PC manufacturer's facility to improve turnaround time to customers. Contrast with managed services. See cloud computing and ping power pipe.

Colocation Earns Millions

High-frequency trading firms are able to colocate their servers next to the servers on the stock exchange floors to reduce travel time in executing orders. According to the July 2, 2010 issue of "THE WEEK" magazine, and as extraordinary as it may seem, studies revealed that shaving one millisecond from every trade could be worth USD $100 million to a high-speed trading firm over the course of a year.
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"Cloud expansion and enterprise colocation adoption are continuing to drive the majority of new capacity additions in the data center market," said Alan Howard, principal analyst at IHS Markit.
Through its selection of EdgePresence, the company will be able to provide its services along with bare metal colocation solutions for enterprise businesses in edge markets throughout the US EdgePresence solutions are highly scalable providing access to robust low latency network connectivity including transit and transport services from each EdgePod(TM) location.
Evoque joins AT and T's global colocation ecosystem programme where AT and T will offer Evoque's colocation services to business customers.
Also, customer contracts, employees supporting the colocation operations, fixed assets, leases and specified owned facilities have been transferred to Brookfield.
The rapid growth, the report notes, "is fueled by an acceleration of consumer and enterprise cloud adoption, demand from managed services and content providers, increased enterprise data centre colocation and critically, the arrival of hyperscale Internet providers."
The strategic alliance with Brookfield will build on the success of the ecosystem model, allowing AT&T to continue to offer colocation services through Brookfield.
The referral partnership is non-exclusive, meaning that partners are allowed to refer their colocation services leads to others as well.
based Mining Colocation facility is $0.119 per kilowatt/hour.
In today's data intensive business environments, the Tier III facilities will provide higher levels of overall capacity and redundancy to meet the increasing demand for data centre and colocation services.
"The new datacentre facilities will enhance the Kingdom's digital infrastructure significantly and further align Bahrain's hosting and colocation facilities with global standards.
The gradual movement of data centres from on-premise services toward hosted services such as colocation, managed hosting and cloud is an important shift in enterprise IT infrastructure , compelling data centre service providers to expand their portfolios to support hybrid environments.