Colonial Revival

architectural mode

An inexact classification for buildings that share selected architectural features but, unlike an architectural style, may not share consistency of design, form, or ornamentation with other buildings similarly classified. When such buildings seemingly emulate an earlier prototype (for example, American Colonial Revival), important architectural details that characterize the prototype are often either omitted or exaggerated in size or importance; furthermore, other design elements may be added (such as a type of dormer, chimney, or window) that never existed in the prototype; or characteristic building materials of the prototype may be replaced with newer types of materials. Compare with architectural style.
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Your sideboard is an example of Colonial Revival furniture.
Colonial Revival architect Joseph Edward Chandler to assist her with the
Well, for starters, the Society Hill home, which dates back to 1765, is one of the best preserved examples of Colonial Revival architecture in the U.S.
Long House, a 1908 Colonial Revival; the Coleman-Scott House, a 1916 Colonial; and the Barnes Mansion, a residence built from 1913 to 1914 in the Colonial Revival, Jacobethan and Arts and Crafts styles.
ARTIST AT WORK: Chris Toledo works on the roof tiles of a 1920's, two-bedroom, two-bath, Spanish Colonial Revival, miniature home.
The nearly 8,000-square-foot Colonial revival facing Audubon Park was listed by Britt Galloway of Keller Williams and sold by Elizabeth McNulty of Gardner Realtors.
Kele and Christina Dobrinski were in the middle of a house hunt in the San Francisco Bay Area when they found themselves in Sacramento touring someone else's newly acquired 1930s Spanish Colonial Revival. "We didn't say anything while we were walking through it," Christina says.
After nearly five decades of city living, the duo currently resides in a leafy Connecticut suburb, where their 1929 Colonial Revival home--exquisitely furnished and decorated with objects from their personal collection--has taken on the character of a live-in gallery among their new neighbors, who couldn't care less about design.
It takes off from the classic Spanish Colonial Revival architecture and California Mission: a hybrid style based on distinct structural details of buildings and churches during the early Spanish colonization of North and South America.
This Colonial Revival look was sleeker and lighter than fussy Victorian styles, but traditional enough to seem homey.
A number of the show's sets, too, were reconstructed for the installation: the apartment complex's Spanish Colonial Revival entryway; the interior of Shooters bar, the characters' perennial hangout, complete with pool table and bottles discreetly labeled to gesture at social issues related to alcohol consumption; and even the complex's pool--though drained of water and, in a nod to relational aesthetics, reimagined by Chin as a sofa-filled conversation pit.
3,915 s/f Colonial Revival Cape Cod style home on nearly half an acre built in 1957 and recently fully renovated.

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