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architectural mode

An inexact classification for buildings that share selected architectural features but, unlike an architectural style, may not share consistency of design, form, or ornamentation with other buildings similarly classified. When such buildings seemingly emulate an earlier prototype (for example, American Colonial Revival), important architectural details that characterize the prototype are often either omitted or exaggerated in size or importance; furthermore, other design elements may be added (such as a type of dormer, chimney, or window) that never existed in the prototype; or characteristic building materials of the prototype may be replaced with newer types of materials. Compare with architectural style.
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It takes off from the classic Spanish Colonial Revival architecture and California Mission: a hybrid style based on distinct structural details of buildings and churches during the early Spanish colonization of North and South America.
The 4,800-square-foot space, created by Maier himself, the son of an architect--he notes he isn't one; a 15-person in-house design team assists him--oozes Southern California, specifically the area's Spanish Colonial Revival architecture.
The consistency of its 1930s-era Mission Revival and Spanish Colonial Revival architecture conveys a sense of age and permanence in contrast to the university's constantly changing student population.
2]) and has a mix of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture and modern design.
with its majestic Georgian colonial revival architecture, has been added to the National Register of Historic Places.
The Saturday lineup includes expert lectures and a driving tour of examples of Colonial Revival architecture.
The house's Spanish colonial revival architecture, with its thick walls, archways, and wrought-iron entrance hall screen, is an apt backdrop for handcrafted objects.

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