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the policy and practice of a power in extending control over weaker peoples or areas


the political rule, either directly or indirectly, of one society, country or nation over another.

Colonialism, however, involves more than just political rule. In the 20th century it has been particularly associated with one ETHNIC GROUP dominating another within the dominated group's territory Thus, in this century, colonialism has been associated with European, white, Christian, wealthy rulers who have attempted to impose cultural values over the ruled by either devaluing or attempting to eradicate the colonized groups’ religions, languages, customary laws and economic activities. Colonialism has therefore been seen by many sociologists as closely associated with the development of RACISM. Also in this century colonization has been associated with the dominance of the colony's economy by the colonizer, and it is this that is one of the key differences which Marxist writers see as distinguishing 20th-century colonization from earlier forms. See IMPERIALISM, NEO-COLONIALISM.

Various forms of colonial rule have existed in history, but one important distinction is between direct and indirect rule. In this century, the British in Africa often relied on indirect rule, nominating indigenous people or institutions as representatives of the British crown, whilst the French imposed direct rule from Paris through French officials. See also ORIENTALISM, POST-COLONIAL THEORY.



the political, economic, and ideological subjugation of countries that are, as a rule, poorly developed socially and economically, by the ruling classes of exploiter states. This concept is usually applied to the age of monopoly capitalism, when a territorial partition of the world has been completed and the colonial system of imperialism has taken shape. The term “colonialism” is also used to mean “colonial system.”

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Libya has in its turn produced the famous fighter Omar Al Mukhtar, whose heroism against Italian colonialists was documented in the great film Lion of the Desert, directed by the late, great Syrian director Mustafa Al Akkad.
With generalized disorder looming, the old colonialist fear of "detribalization" gave way to a preoccupation with "modernization.
He relies on the work of Rhys Isaac, to show that for American colonialists, the court was more intimate, less formal, not legalistic, and a vital part of community life.
In the application of the divide and rule policy, the colonialists exploited the existing administrative structures, and to justify this, they introduced the "Hamitic theory".
Pro-Jakarta militias in East Timor will wage a guerrilla war against the multinational peacekeeping force to "free East Timor from new colonialists," the militias' spokesman said Monday.
Eventually, many of them wound up at the Hoa Lo Prison (nicknamed the ``Hanoi Hilton''), an old jail built by French colonialists where, in the words of Air Force Lt.
The newly independent countries this time faced the neo-colonialists, because the colonialist countries had established institutes in their countries to train leaders that would safeguard their own interests in the new independent countries, and in other words, their mission was leader making for those countries," said the political activist addressing a group of students of Tabriz university on Monday.
It was brought by former colonialists, Boers of racist South Africa, to see to it that the blacks do not develop as human beings.
Rouyvar stated that while American colonialists dreamed they would return to Iran's oil industry but presence of committed youths of the country in oil industry made them frustrated and that is why they have proceeded with imposing sanctions against the country since the onset of the revolution.
Under the current conditions, it seems that the Libyan people should begin a long-term battle with the colonialists since occupiers are dividing Libya's interests and wealth among themselves," Ahmadinejad said on Saturday.
If it hadn't been for colonialists and international criminals, Africa would have been one of the most advanced and prosperous regions of the world, because people of this continent are culture-breeding and philanthropic," Ahmadinejad said in a meeting with Guinea-Bissau's new ambassador to Tehran here in the Iranian capital on Sunday.
Ahmadinejad pointed out that the accumulated wealth in some western countries is the result of looting the resources and wealth of other nations, and added, "The colonialists in the past launched the world wars one and two, and today too, they resort to new economic methods aimed at looting the nations' wealth.