Color Corrector

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Color Corrector


an electronic device used in color television systems to eliminate color distortions reproduced on a kinescope (picture tube) screen. The distortions are mostly due to undesirable spectral absorptions of the dyes used in motion-picture color film (color separation distortions) and to the divergence of the spectral characteristics of the television signal detectors from the required values; they also occur when the kinescope tube used in a television receiver has nonstandard primary colors.

In a color corrector the signals for the primary colors of the television camera—the red (ER) green (EG), and blue (EB) signals—are linearly transformed (matrixed), so that each of the three signals at the output of the color corrector (which produce red, green, and blue luminescence in the receiver) is a linear combination of the signals ER, EG, and EB. A color corrector is also used to produce various changes in color reproduction, such as in saturation and hue, in order to create specific color effects in the television image when transmitting animated cartoons, special subjects, and captions. For this purpose a color corrector is equipped with manual adjustment controls.


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