Color Field

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Color Field


a homogeneous colored surface of paper, cardboard, fabric, glass, or some other material, used in color measurements. A color field can be produced by application of a dye to the selected material, by photographic or optical methods, or by excitation of a phosphor. Color atlases consist of rectangular samples of known colors. Visual determination of the color of an object being tested is made by selecting the sample closest in color. In three-color colorimeters the color field consists of two equal, adjacent semicircles; one has the color of the object being tested, the other has the color of the screen on which the primary colors of the instrument are mixed.

In cinematography and color television a color field is used to monitor the fidelity of color reproduction. Here, the color field occupies either the entire frame or part of the frame. The fidelity of color reproduction usually is monitored visually or with a colorimeter. Television color fields may also be used to set and monitor the color purity of the red, green, and blue phosphors of the kinescope and the color of the white field. Color fields (with known color coordinates) are included in universal television test patterns.


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The white spots in the over glaze wash color field are caused by organic materials such as sulfates, nitrates and other organic volatiles in the clay body that have not been completely removed during either the bisque (or glaze firing cycles).
Harrison of the New York Times calls John Greene's color field paintings, "intense.
A complementary exhibition in the National Gallery's national collection space featured Jack Bush works with those of his closest Color Field peers-Morris Louis, Jules Olitski, Kenneth Noland, and Anthony Caro.
A RECENT REVIEW OF SHOWS by Helen Frankenthaler at Gagosian Gallery and Morris Louis at Mnuchin Gallery gave New Yorker critic Peter Schjeldahl the chance to express his considered views on Color Field painting:
It might be tempting to re-open that old debate about color field and action painting but the thoughtful juxtaposition of these two artists makes that distinction irrelevant.
VisionMaster M450 and AP450 series SPI are said to provide a larger color field of view, data acquisition rates at less than 1 sec.
Each painting reveals a pattern, a rhythm, a color field or a structure that is an ongoing nature-inspired process, says gallery owner Hillary Tuttle.
Like those of his colleagues Helen Frankenthaler, Kenneth Noland, and Jules Olitski, Louis's paintings define Color Field painting: the apparently detached but visually opulent abstraction that evolved in post-World War II America--abstraction in which the deployment of surprising hues takes precedence over almost every other aspect of picture-making, so that expanses of color and their relationships assume the burden of associative meaning.
Eight twentieth-century art styles are represented in this set: Regionalism, Abstract Expressionism, Color Field, Pop Art, Op Art, Minimalism, Photo Realism, and Installation Art.
Eight prints make up Crystal Production's New Art Styles: Set 3 and include one each for Regionalism, Abstract Expressionism, Color Field, Pop Art, Op Art, Minimalism, Photo Realism and Installation Art.
That means that she has not fallen into any of the art movements that in the past 40 years or so have had such publicity: op art, pop art, abstract expressionism, color field.
Each LightView offering also features a programmable color matrix processor and adjustable color field durations.