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color space

A system for describing color numerically. Also known as a "color model," the most widely used color spaces are RGB for scanners, cameras and displays, CMYK for color printing and YUV for TV/video. Prior to the proliferation of electronic displays, which are all RGB, color spaces were developed that were closer to the way people think about color. For example, the CIE Lab model uses lightness (L) and values on red-green (a) and blue-yellow (b) axes, while HSB uses hue, saturation and brightness. See CIE Lab, HSB, HSL, RGB, sRGB, YUV, xvYCC and color space conversion.

All four color spaces in this Photoshop color picker relate to each other. Although numbers can be entered, users mostly move the vertical slider or point into the box to select a color. In this example, the R in RGB is selected, and moving the slider changes Red from 0 to 255 and all related values in the other color spaces at the same time.

A More Intuitive Model
In the 1970s, Alvy Ray Smith developed the HSB model for color selection. Changing red to pink by reducing saturation (S) is more intuitive than changing green and blue in RGB. For details, see HSB. For invaluable information about color spaces and computer graphics (CG) from one of the country's most distinguished experts, visit, and click Papers and CG.

Color Space Conversion
Since displays, printers and TV/video all use different color spaces, conversion between them is necessary and commonplace.
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The tristimulus values of the SSL while operating at temperatures of 120[degrees]C (original configuration) and 55[degrees]C (modified heat management scheme) have been acquired and the color-shift has been quantified in the CIELUV color-space. The modified heat transfer scheme is more efficient in lowering the temperature.
For users, this translates to being able to use the software as a general-purpose image-conversion engine for Web, prepress, and asset-management applications; as a way to normalize incoming images in terms of color and format; to repurpose documents; to support on-the-fly RGB to CMYK color-space transforms while printing; and for local and remote proofing with separations and color-matched composite previews.
Calculated L,a,b or [Delta]E values can be viewed on their LCD displays when you select the desired color-space calculation.
Operators can see the calculated L,a,b or Delta E values on an LCD display by selecting the required color-space calculation.
It can convert between different color-space systems, including XYZ; Yxz; L*a*b*; L*C*H; HVC Hunter L,a,b; W; WB; and Y1.
Another series of installations consisted of metal-frame bunk beds draped with colored veils, creating sensuous, diaphanous color-spaces. In her latest show, "Bedspreien en rookgordijn" (Bedspreads and smoke curtain, all works 2000), Killaars presented double beds that were entirely covered with brightly hued bedspreads, designed by the artist and woven in India.