Colorado School of Mines

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Colorado School of Mines,

at Golden; state supported, coeducational; chartered 1874. It was one of the first mineral engineering schools in the United States. It owns extensive experimental and research facilities, field laboratories, and an experimental mine at Idaho Springs.


See J. R. Morgan, A World School: The Colorado School of Mines (1955).

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The Colorado School of Mines had the appropriate experts in both mathematics and assessment to assist Jefferson County in their efforts.
During the last two years, with our partner Bear Creek Services, and supported by cooperative research efforts by the Colorado School of Mines, we have fielded forward osmosis membrane technology that is revolutionizing the filtration of wastewaters in the energy sector.
Microtunneling Short Course Colorado School of Mines Golden, CO PH: (303) 444-2650
The purpose of this article is to describe the assessment system that has been constructed at the Colorado School of Mines (CSM).
Born in Buffalo New York, Sinnett attended the Colorado School of Mines and Michigan State Univ.
At the Colorado School of Mines, Cecil detected low-energy charged particles emitted from thin titanium foils.
DENVER -- Four Colorado institutions: Metropolitan State College of Denver, Colorado School of Mines, Community College of Denver, and Cherry Creek School District, have formed an unprecedented alliance - the Colorado Academy for the Development of STEM-related Careers (Colorado ADSC).
The Colorado School of Mines seeks bids for a Full Waveform Sonic Tool, on an FOB Delivered basis.
Student teams from the Colorado School of Mines, the University of Colorado, Georgia Tech, MIT and San Diego State University have developed business plans utilizing a fascinating variety of new technology, providing a glimpse of what the next era of space-based commerce and industry will look like.
The Colorado School of Mines has awarded Northwest Boring Company the "Microtunneling Achievement Award" for excellence in expanding the science of microtunneling.
But the old players were not present Tuesday, when the Matadors lost 63-59 to Division II Colorado School of Mines.
A three-year $240,000 grant will provide funding to the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Colorado School of Mines to develop a collaboration to improve K-5 mathematics and science in the Meeker School District.

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