Colorado Springs

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Colorado Springs,

city (1990 pop. 281,140), seat of El Paso co., central Colo., on Monument and Fountain creeks, at the foot of Pikes PeakPikes Peak,
14,110 ft (4,301 m) high, central Colo., in the Front Range of the Rocky Mts.; discovered by U.S. explorer Zebulon Pike in 1806. There are many higher peaks in the Rockies, but this is the best known and most conspicuous because of its location on the edge of the
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; inc. 1886. It is a year-round resort and a booming military, technological, and commercial city. Electronic, computer, mining, and aerospace manufactures are important economically.

The town of El Dorado (later Colorado City) was founded on Fountain Creek by gold miners in 1859. In 1871, Gen. William Palmer and the Denver and Rio Grande RR established the city of Fountain Colony nearby; the modern name was adopted because of the many mineral springs in the area. Colorado Springs absorbed Colorado City in 1917. The city grew enormously in the late 20th cent.

The seat of Colorado College, a Univ. of Colorado branch, and Nazarene Bible College, Colorado Springs is also the site of a U.S. Olympic training center and the headquarters of Pike National Forest. The United States Air Force Academy is just north; also nearby are U.S. Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, and Cheyenne Mountain.

Colorado Springs


a city in the western USA, located in the state of Colorado. It is situated in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains at the foot of Pikes Peak. In 1970 it had a population of 135,000; including the suburbs, 236,000. It is a balneological and climatic health resort. It is a center of tourism and sports competitions.

Colorado Springs

a city and resort in central Colorado. Pop.: 370 448 (2003 est.)
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Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach said: This exciting new service continues to make our airport the convenient choice for southern Colorado.
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This past year, Colorado Springs has started acting like a populous big city, changing from the city-manager form of government--almost universally used in small cities throughout Colorado to the strong-mayor form, mainly found only in Denver.
As an out resident of Colorado Springs for 30 years, I have seen firsthand the effect the "Moo" campaign has had on this community, and from my perspective it has done exactly what it set out to do--open a dialogue.
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Many members of the Colorado Springs team are retired and/or disabled; they have a genuine empathy for the plight of other elderly people who might be unfamiliar with the judicial process.
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Authorities said Hollywood fled the West Valley area and drove to Las Vegas for a night, then drove to Colorado Springs.
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Bell moved the store last November to Colorado Springs after the lease ran out in Pueblo, seeking a more lucrative market 40 miles north.
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The Centric Project suite will enable the PPRTA to maximize the quality and timely, cost-effective delivery of projects, achieving their goal of improved transportation for the people of Colorado Springs and the surrounding communities," said Chris Groves, chief executive officer at Centric Software.

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