Colors and the Zodiac

Colors and the Zodiac

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Human beings have often perceived colors as constituting a kind of symbolic alphabet, so it is natural that colors would come to be associated with the signs of the zodiac as well as with the planets. There is, however, more than one system of correlations between the colors and the signs. The following color-sign associations should thus be regarded as illustrative rather than definitive:

Sign Colors
Aries Red and other “flaming” colors
Taurus Pink, pale blue, and other pastels
Gemini Yellow and violet
Cancer Green, smoky-gray, silver, and silvery-blue colors
Leo Orange and gold
Virgo Green and dark brown
Libra Pink, pale green, and various shades of blue
Scorpio Deep red, maroon, dark brown, and black
Sagittarius Dark blues and purples
Capricorn Brown, gray, black, dark green, and earth tones
Aquarius Turquoise, aquamarine, white, and electric blue
Pisces Sea green, lavender, and lilac

Natives born under the influence of one of these signs (particularly, but not exclusively, as this influence manifests in their sun sign) usually feel a special affinity with their sign’s colors. This affinity can manifest as a tendency to wear clothes of, or to decorate homes with, the associated zodiacal colors.

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