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(A huge and ancient statue on the Greek island of Rhodes).

1. <computer> The Colossus and Colossus Mark II computers used by Alan Turing at Bletchley Park, UK during the Second World War to crack the "Tunny" cipher produced by the Lorenz SZ 40 and SZ 42 machines. Colossus was a semi-fixed-program vacuum tube calculator (unlike its near-contemporary, the freely programmable Z3).

["Breaking the enemy's code", Glenn Zorpette, IEEE Spectrum, September 1987, pp. 47-51.]

2. The computer in the 1970 film, "Colossus: The Forbin Project". Forbin is the designer of a computer that will run all of America's nuclear defences. Shortly after being turned on, it detects the existence of Goliath, the Soviet counterpart, previously unknown to US Planners. Both computers insist that they be linked, whereupon the two become a new super computer and threaten the world with the immediate launch of nuclear weapons if they are detached. Colossus begins to give its plans for the management of the world under its guidance. Forbin and the other scientists form a technological resistance to Colossus which must operate underground.

The Internet Movie Database.


A statue which is larger than life-size.
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Wander and his horse Argo set off to find the Colossi throughout the land, complete with an ancient sword that literally lights the way to where each Colossus is.
Initially released on the PS2, Colossus was only the second game to have been released by the now legendary, and sadly defunct, studio Team Ico.
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With an emotionally affecting story, a stunning soundtrack, truly breathtaking modern 4K visuals, and some of the most gripping gameplay on the PlayStation 4, Shadow of the Colossus is a must-have that's only slightly let down by outdated controls.
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The project's steering board, which represents 54 courses, said signing up Colossus Bets as its technology partner meant its customers would have access to new exotic bets, cash-out and six and seven-figure minimum guaranteed prize pools.
Shadow of the Colossus was initially released in 2005 for the PS2.
Shadow of the Colossus has players control The Wanderer, who goes to the Forbidden Lands in order to resurrect a dead woman named Mono.
Through an imaginative selection of readings made up of historical and contemporary documents, opinion pieces, reportage, biographies, company histories, and scenes from literature, all introduced and explicated by Beatty, Colossus makes a convincing case that it is the American corporation that has been, for good and ill, the primary maker and manager of change in modern America.
com)-- George Smart, Executive Director of the non-profit organization North Carolina Modernist Houses (NCMH) and Bernie Reeves, Co-Founder and Publisher of Metro Magazine, have announced that NCMH's Colossus Architecture Magazine Archive is now the official historical archive for Metro Magazine.
Omar Sabbagh looks at the Colossus of Maroussi in "Humanism after Humanism: Henry Miller: Colossus after Colossus," while Marcus De Vaca creatively studies "Big Sur and a Memorable Cup of Tea.
The stamps depict photographs and computer-generated interpretations of the Colossus computer, World Wide Web, Catseyes, Fibre Optics, Stainless Steel, Carbon Fibre, DNA Sequencing and the i-limb.