Color Field

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Color Field


a homogeneous colored surface of paper, cardboard, fabric, glass, or some other material, used in color measurements. A color field can be produced by application of a dye to the selected material, by photographic or optical methods, or by excitation of a phosphor. Color atlases consist of rectangular samples of known colors. Visual determination of the color of an object being tested is made by selecting the sample closest in color. In three-color colorimeters the color field consists of two equal, adjacent semicircles; one has the color of the object being tested, the other has the color of the screen on which the primary colors of the instrument are mixed.

In cinematography and color television a color field is used to monitor the fidelity of color reproduction. Here, the color field occupies either the entire frame or part of the frame. The fidelity of color reproduction usually is monitored visually or with a colorimeter. Television color fields may also be used to set and monitor the color purity of the red, green, and blue phosphors of the kinescope and the color of the white field. Color fields (with known color coordinates) are included in universal television test patterns.


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Writer and critic Sarah King says of the Porthmadog-born artist: "Lewis' work is instantly recognisable, with nods to Richter, Rothko and Pollock, and he is consistently at the forefront of abstract expressionism and colour field painting in Wales.
The large amorphous clouds of Colour Field painting and the geometric shape and stripes of both Op Art and Minimalism are related to two of the most common forms of successful ceramics decoration--overall glazing with subtle colour changes and geometric patterning such as stripes influenced by the three dimensional form.
Khaled Hafez comments on this exhibition:"Wael Darwesh's painting projects in the pastfew years were inspired by American Colour Field painting and French Lyrical Abstraction,where large "fields" of flat solid colour colonize harmoniously large areas of the canvas tocreate a homogenous surface of flat picture plane, stressing on the overall consistency ofform over the brush movement and brushstrokes.
Associated with Generative Photography, Holzhauser's light paintings reference American Colour Field painting.
Meanwhile, Frankenthaler's recent high prices are owed in part, Prouty suggests, to current interest in Colour Field paintings, to which Frankenthaler made such a contribution, and partly to well-mounted exhibitions by Gagosian Gallery.
The work is inspired by the enigmatic colour field paintings of Latvian-born American artist Mark Rothko, an abstract expressionist, who is regarded as one of the preeminent artists of his generation.
Abstract Expressionism in the form of Colour field paintings have been widely recognized since the 1950s and emerged as a result to devise a modern, mythic art.
He adds: "I'll also be thinking of colour field paintings that reference Elsworth Kelly and Yves Klein, so the linear black lines will also be full frames of colour paintings with bodies, very abstract colour work.
But it's hard to see how the classic photos, mostly black and white, fit in with Shiraishi's colour field paintings.