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a depository for urns containing ashes after a cremation.

In ancient Rome they were specially erected buildings with rows of semicircular niches. An ancient Roman columbarium, built in the first century B.C. under Augustus, was discovered near Rome, on the Appian Way. Today cemeteries and crematoriums are equipped with columbaria.


One or a series of niches, intended to receive human remains. (See illustration p. 232.) columella Same as colonette.
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Construction underway includes both gravesites and columbarium development (for cremation burials) in two phases, providing a full range of burial alternatives to approximately 293,000 Veterans and eligible family members in the East Baton Rouge Parish and the surrounding area.
Many Catholic cemeteries have provisions for cremains, either in ground burial or in an above-ground vault called a columbarium.
The rate of in-ground burials has decreased slightly since the 1980 opening of the columbarium complex, which will eventually provide space for up to 100,000 cremated remains.
There was some concern about the tapestries on the north wall, and about the columbarium.
Doug Maben, a minister whose church, Green Mountain Presbyterian in Lakewood, Colorado, is in the process of building a columbarium.
Entombment of Joan's ashes will follow in the church columbarium.
1, 2012, and he was inurned next to his wife at the Naval Academy Columbarium in Annapolis, Md.
Main features: - Firm phase: First phase: supply and installation of two temporary vaults above ground (enfeus) second phase: supply and installation of forty columbarium spaces - conditional phase: Third phase: supply and installation of forty columbarium spaces Duration of the contract or time limit: 4 months from the notification of the contract.
Construction began in fall 2013 and the columbarium was installed this fall.
159,000 for commercial: new terrace and columbarium walls and landscaping.
In Tyre, the main actions shall address problems in: a- Tyre city site: the Arena, the Palestra, the colonnade, the roman baths; and b- Tyre Bass site: the Roman arch, the Monumental tomb, the Columbarium, the church with garden.