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a depository for urns containing ashes after a cremation.

In ancient Rome they were specially erected buildings with rows of semicircular niches. An ancient Roman columbarium, built in the first century B.C. under Augustus, was discovered near Rome, on the Appian Way. Today cemeteries and crematoriums are equipped with columbaria.

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One or a series of niches, intended to receive human remains. (See illustration p. 232.) columella Same as colonette.
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Pingtung County Government is behind a project to improve funeral facilities and build new columbariums.
The mayor said the columbarium will be built on a 4,000-square meter property along Kalayaan Avenue in Barangay Valenzuela that used to be the Makati Catholic Cemetery.
The Musgroves asked company mechanic Cody Rushing to find an old Volkswagen bus that could be made into a columbarium.
The design process was begun by first addressing the columbarium. The Committee proposed that the columbarium be a focal point of the garden and requested that it not be sequestered in an obscure corner of the property.
21, Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite visited the columbarium. "Fifteen years ago, all of us were horrified and distressed when the remains of the victims executed by the Soviet secret police between 1944 and 1947 were unearthed on the territory of the Tuskulenai estate.
Reynolds Razorback Stadium & Columbarium be too far in the future?
Hudson's new columbarium can comfortably host as many as 88 urns, and Hudson family members, one local news report notes, have taken to calling the million-dollar structure "The Inn."
The rate of in-ground burials has decreased slightly since the 1980 opening of the columbarium complex, which will eventually provide space for up to 100,000 cremated remains.
There was some concern about the tapestries on the north wall, and about the columbarium. The organ appeared to be undamaged.
These impassive structures house offices, priests' quarters, meeting spaces and a columbarium. In signature Ando fashion, light gleams off bare polished concrete walls.