Columbia State Historic Park

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Columbia State Historic Park

Location:3 miles north of Sonora, off Highway 49.
Facilities:Historic structures, visitor center, exhibits, restaurants, lodging, picnic areas, restrooms (é).
Activities:Gold panning, stagecoach rides, mine tours, interpretive programs.
Special Features:Park preserves an example of one of the most colorful eras in American history, a typical 1850s gold rush town. For a time Columbia was California’s second largest city, but unlike many other settlements that disappeared due to fire, vandalism, and time, Columbia was never completely deserted. In 1945, the state legislature proclaimed the town a state historic park. The town's old Gold Rush-era business district has been preserved with shops, restaurants, and two hotels for today's visitors.
Address:c/o Central Valley District Office
22708 Broadway St
Columbia, CA 95310

Size: 273 acres.

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This retrospective from the Friends of Columbia State Historic Park presents a collection of vintage b&w photographs illustrating the town's history from boom to bust.
You don't rest your boot heels long in Tombstone without gaining a greater appreciation for a place like Columbia State Historic Park in California's Gold Rush country, where a 19th-century town has been faithfully and tastefully restored as an outdoor museum.
As a native Californian with a Gold Rush family heritage, I applaud Sunset for including Columbia State Historic Park.
For a pure 1857 experience, head to the City Hotel in Columbia State Historic Park, the state's best-preserved Gold Rush town.
For example, most visitors to the Gold Rush country won't have any trouble stumbling onto the most popular attractions: the restored mining town of Columbia State Historic Park, or the location where James Marshall spotted some shiny nuggets at John Sutter's sawmill.
This will take in the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park in Coloma and the restored mining town at Columbia State Historic Park.
If you're passionate about history: A long stay at Columbia State Historic Park is a must.
A good dining option at the other end of the loop is the City Hotel Restaurant (532-1479), just north of Sonora in Columbia State Historic Park, where California-French cuisine is served in a restored 1870s hotel.
It's the tale of the Gold Rush, told in the microcosm of a place now called Columbia State Historic Park.
Bruce Thomsen, district interpretive specialist for Columbia State Historic Park, goes even farther.
Columbia State Historic Park, on State Highway 49 about 4 miles northeast of Sonora.
For a schedule of events, write to Columbia State Historic Park, Box 151, Columbia 95310, or call 532-4301.

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