Comanche National Grassland

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Comanche National Grassland

Address:27204 Hwy 287
PO Box 127
Springfield, CO 81073

Size: 443,030 acres.
Location:Southeastern Colorado. Accessible by US 160, 287/385, and 350; CO 109, and 50. Nearby cities/towns include Kim, Walsh, Lamar, Campo, Pritchett, and Vilas.
Facilities:Dispersed camping, trails, 3 picnic areas, scenic drive.
Activities:Camping, hunting, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, bird watching, wildlife viewing.
Special Features:Vogel Canyon and Picture Canyon, which contain prehistoric Native American village sites and well-preserved examples of rock art; Picketwire Canyonlands, largest dinosaur track in North America with 1,300 footprints; a segment of Santa Fe National Historical Trail (see entry in national trails section), with historic water springs sites, scenic lookouts, and visible wagon ruts.

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The sites in that study included the Comanche National Grassland, the Central Plains Experimental Range, and mixed-grass prairie on U.
Picket Wire, south of La Junta in the Comanche National Grassland, is the largest documented dinosaur-track site in North America.
Army land until it became part of the Comanche National Grassland in 1991, is open dawn to dusk; overnight camping is not permitted.
Comanche National Grasslands (39[degrees]29'N, 105[degrees]16'W), 29 May 2004 (DMNS ZA.
Look to the southeast--two huge chunks of the Comanche National Grasslands.

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