Combat Arm

Combat Arm


a constituent part of an armed service, including units that have distinctive weapons and combat matériel, employ their own tactics, have specific combat characteristics, and are designated to perform tactical and operationaltactical missions in general combat and in operations.

All armies and navies divide troops into combat arms. From the 16th to 20th centuries the various armies had three combat arms—infantry, cavalry, and artillery. With the development of new weapons and combat matériel in the 20th century and the use of new methods of waging general combat and operations, new combat arms appeared, and arms such as the cavalry completely lost their importance.

The combat arms of the armed forces of the USSR include the rocket forces of the ground forces, motorized rifle troops, tank troops, artillery, airborne troops, antiaircraft rocket forces, bomber aviation, fighter aviation, fighter bomber aviation, reconnaissance aviation, and radio troops. Naval combat arms include submarines, surface ships, and naval infantry. Each combat arm is headed by a commander or is directly subordinate to the commander in chief of the particular armed service. In general combat and in the operation, the units of a combat arm are, as a rule, used in close coordination with one another, which ensures that the fighting characteristics of each one will be employed effectively.

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They were veterans of the Palmach, or Plugot Machatz (Strike Forces), the elite combat arm of the Haganah, Israel's pre-state army; They gathered to celebrate the Palmach's 75th anniversary.
New Delhi -- Keeping eye on Pakistan and China, Indian Prime Miniter Narendra Modi's government will get cracking on a four-pronged strategy if it wants to rescue the country's underwater combat arm from sinking any further, Indian media reported on Monday.
The submarine is most likely to give some much-needed muscle to India's depleting underwater combat arm, which has only 14 ageing conventional submarines to brandish.
Although detailed planning is not yet complete we must assume that these reductions will require the further removal of formed battalions and further regiments from the force structure, including the combat arm.
20 (ANI): The Indian Navy created history on Friday by inducting two women aviators or combatants into its combat arm, which is happening for the first time in the Indian Armed Forces.
Etienne (MAS) know something or two about what works in the field and what features on a combat arm are useful and which are not.
One of Wagner's techniques to combat arm fatigue is to start a throwing session with a weighted ball up to 15 ounces (a regulation baseball is five ounces).
He had only recently rejoined the combat arm of the regiment's 1st Battalion after serving as a recruiter.
The Biennial Armoured Corps Conference is a platform to brainstorm important training issues to enhance operational effectiveness, empower junior leaders and provide a platform to express and discuss aspirations and operational requirements of the Combat Arm.
BGen Bernier: I don't see a big difference between serving in the armed forces, whether it be in a combat arm, in any element of the armed forces, or in the medical profession, because all of them are there to protect the health and the lives of others.
NEW DELHI, December 30, 2011 (Frontier Star): Faced with a fast-depleting underwater combat arm even as both China and Pakistan bolster their fleets, India is looking at major reign of its submarine production plans to ensure its operational readiness does not get further eroded in the coming years, Indian media reported on Thursday.
Although detailed planning is not yet complete, we must assume that these reductions will require the further removal of formed battalions and further regiments from the Force structure, including the combat arm.

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