Combat Group

Combat Group


(1) A combat infantry unit (one light machine gun, six to eight riflemen, in all up to 13 men) established almost simultaneously in 1917 in the German and French armies as a result of the development of group infantry tactics. After World War I (1914–1918) the combat group was adopted in the organization of the infantry (or cavalry) in the armies of many countries.

(2) An organic tactical subdivision introduced during 1957–1958 in the armies of the United States and several other states in place of regiments and designed to wage combat independently or as part of a division. It consists of four or five infantry companies, a headquarters company, and a support company, as well as reconnaissance, combat engineer, self-propelled gun, medical, signal, and supply and repair platoons. It has about 1,500 men.

(3) After 1942, in connection with their significant losses on the Eastern Front, the term “combat group” (Kampfgruppe) was used in the fascist German Army to denote a division which had lost one-third of its fighting strength; in 1944 a table of organization for the combat group was actually instituted.

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The Tobacco Analysis Unit in the Public Health Laboratories conducts all chemical and physical testing of samples received from the Tobacco Combat Group affiliated to the Communicable Diseases Department in the Directorate of Public Health.
He was a veteran of the United States Army and held the rank of Master Sergeant with the 1156th Engineers Combat Group.
This prominent project is intended to supply command and control capabilities to the fighting echelons, operating at the forward edge of the Tactical Battle Area at the Battalion and Combat Group levels.
This prestigious project is meant to deliver command and control capabilities to the fighting echelons, operating at the forward edge of the Tactical Battle Area at the Battalion and Combat Group levels.
The first news of the enemy breakthrough came to the 1111th Engineer Combat Group commander, Colonel H.
A JOINT mobilisation exercise of the BDF combat group concluded in Al Nuayriya, Saudi Arabia, yesterday.
It is a rare character study that chronicles the backgrounds, achievements, and failures of more than "three dozen general officers chosen for top combat group commands -- from commanders such as Dwight Eisenhower and Douglas MacArthur to some nearly forgotten".
The battalion combat group of some 1,200 troops passed the first level of evaluation by the NATO concept at the international drill "Cooperative Long Arrow/Lancer 2012" at the Krivolak assault course.
Kirby was proud to command CFB Petawawa and 2 Combat Group, 1973-1976, which included providing military security for the 1976 Olympics in Kingston and Montreal.
The COAS witnessed a demonstration by combat group of Light Commando Battalion, ISPR reported on Tuesday.
When the Cramer twins came to the UO, they assumed there would be a medieval combat group here already, "but there wasn't," Allison Cramer said.
The full list of companies displaying their production technologies, materials and processes at AMS India is: gold sponsors Microsoft, Siemens and Uddeholm Assab; silver sponsors ABB, Geico, Sandvik Coromant, Schneider Electric and Taikisha; bronze sponsors AIDA, Combat Group, Durr, DV Automation, Haden, Hero, KG Hirotec, Rockwell, Stadco, TAL Manufacturing Solutions and Trumpf; and exhibitors Castrol, Demag, Kuka Robotics, Oliver Wyman and Total.

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