Combat Group

Combat Group


(1) A combat infantry unit (one light machine gun, six to eight riflemen, in all up to 13 men) established almost simultaneously in 1917 in the German and French armies as a result of the development of group infantry tactics. After World War I (1914–1918) the combat group was adopted in the organization of the infantry (or cavalry) in the armies of many countries.

(2) An organic tactical subdivision introduced during 1957–1958 in the armies of the United States and several other states in place of regiments and designed to wage combat independently or as part of a division. It consists of four or five infantry companies, a headquarters company, and a support company, as well as reconnaissance, combat engineer, self-propelled gun, medical, signal, and supply and repair platoons. It has about 1,500 men.

(3) After 1942, in connection with their significant losses on the Eastern Front, the term “combat group” (Kampfgruppe) was used in the fascist German Army to denote a division which had lost one-third of its fighting strength; in 1944 a table of organization for the combat group was actually instituted.

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He made the biggest professional challenge by commanding the Alfa combat group and the Ghazni base during the 9th rotation of the PKW Afghanistan.
Last Tuesday, combined troops from the Philippine Air Force's 730th Combat Group and the Nasugbu Police engaged the NPA rebels and killed 14 of them.
Burgos supervises the operations of the 730th Combat Group of the Philippine Air Force (PAF) under Major Engelberto Nioda, which had encountered NPA rebels earlier that day in Batangas.
commander of the 202nd Infantry Brigade which supervises the operations of the 730th Combat Group of the Philippine Air Force under Major Engelberto Nioda, Durante said the checkpoint 'was set up in order to prevent the armed terrorists from fleeing from the encounter site.
Les Mills made sure everyone was warmed up for the afternoon exercise with their Body Combat group exercise.
Tactical units from Bulgaria, USA, Greece and Georgia demonstrated joint action of the multinational battalion combat group in defense.
Mobilization exercise of the BDF combat group concludes.
The helicopters of Army Aviation Combat Group that participated in the Operation Zarb-e-Azb also demonstrated their combat potential.
Medieval Combat Group and Historical Fencing NI will go toe-to-toe as they showcase the real-life techniques that inspired some of the biggest moments in cinema and literature.
Upon issuance of a coded signal from Naval Group Command North, the fleet forces would sail out to their jumping-off points: 1st Combat Group from Trondheim to Gimsoystraumen-Vestfjord; 2nd Combat Group from Narvik to the northern entrance of Altafjord (the area of the skerries off Soroya).
Military spokesman Asim Bajwa said the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and Army Aviation Combat Group carried out the strikes in Shawal Valley of North Waziristan.
The instructions given by the umbrella group may not be relevant to the situation in the field where the small combat group is operating.

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