Combat Mission

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Combat Mission


a mission formulated by the superior commander for units of various sizes involving achievement of a certain goal by a set time. The substance of the combat mission depends on the type of combat operations; possible enemy use of weapons of mass destruction; the forces, composition, and nature of enemy operations; the composition of one’s own forces and weapons and the combat capability of the unit (of whatever size); terrain conditions, state of the weather, and other factors. On the offensive, for example, the combat mission involves destroying enemy forces in a certain area to a determined depth and taking an appointed line or region; in defense, it is destroying the advancing enemy and holding certain strong points or areas of land.

The combat mission is delivered to those who are to perform it in a written or oral operation order, through a separate battle instruction, or by the delivery of order charts to the one who is to carry it out. In subunits the combat mission is announced orally, usually on the specific terrain, by the commander in person to his subordinates. The combat mission is the basis for determining the nature of and procedures for combat operations, for organizing cooperation, and for ensuring the control of troops in combat. After the commander receives the combat mission, he evaluates it so that he has a clear idea of the supreme commander’s intention and of the role which the unit or subunit is destined to play in achieving the goal of the forthcoming combat operations. Fulfillment of the combat mission is the primary criterion for evaluation of troop operations.


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Tkachev postulates that there is a need to systematize how aviation combat missions are defined stemming from the basic purpose of the individual Front Aviation air commands (army, ground-attack, fighter, fighter-bomber and bomber) and the specific requirements of a given situation.
Prior to Tuesday's voting, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Canada's participation into the combat mission will only be good for six months, or until early April 2015.
We will continue our combat mission, wherever it is needed" Gass said, referring to Panetta's remarks.
The end of combat missions marks a major landmark in a controversial and bloody military campaign that has lasted 2,232 days - longer than both World Wars.
soldiers will remain in Iraq after "our combat mission in Iraq" has ended.
I share with you the excitement of being able to fly combat missions in Afghanistan and Iraq with these UAVs from Nellis, which is exactly what we're doing--from Nellis and Indian Springs.
In comparison with Combat Mission, the Blitzkrieg series - and a load of similar games - is almost arcade.
About 20 per cent of all combat missions by Canadian pilots were flown in Canadian-built Sabres and included some MiG kills.
Insurgents have been targeting Iraqi police and soldiers as they prepare to take full responsibility for security on September 1, when the United States ends a 7-1/2 year combat mission.
Program officials said that with the new Global Hawks now in service it is fairly certain air vehicle 3 has flown its last combat mission.
On 9 September 1965, Commander James Stockdale flew his 202nd combat mission over North Vietnam in an A-4 Skyhawk.
The militants' attack came on the day when United States and NATO ceremonially ended their combat mission in Afghanistan after 13 years to close NATO's combat mission by December 28 withdrawing the foreign forces from the country.

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