Combat Order

Combat Order


the order given by a commander to his subordinate forces in a combat situation for carrying out the decision he has made. The combat order gives an evaluation of the enemy’s grouping and operations, the missions and order of application of the means of warfare at the disposal of the superior commander in the zone of operations of the unit (subunit), the missions of neighbors and the boundary lines with them, the combat mission for subordinates and the readiness time, the location of command posts, and other necessary information. The combat order is concise, but not at the expense of clarity; it should be presented in such a way that subordinates understand their mission correctly. The combat order of the unit (subunit) commander will have particular characteristics depending on the type of armed forces, the combat arm (naval forces), and the nature of the combat mission (offense, defense, and so on).

The subunit commander gives the combat order orally, usually in the field. To supplement the combat order, instructions are given on cooperation and overall support of troop combat operations. The commander who gives the order should show all his skill and strength of will and use all forces and means to achieve unconditional fulfillment of the order.


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Once at the top, the men advanced In combat order, 3rd Platoon leading.
When you take any sales goal and apply the principals of a combat order, it will clarify your thinking and give an executable plan for accomplishing that goal.
The events include basic and battle order training, MOUT demonstration by the Turkish Army, combat order, training controls, fighting in built-up areas and handmade explosives training sessions.
Commanded by Sgt Richard Montieth, a 29-year-old father-of-two from Falkirk, the unit left in full combat order, covering each other and "shuffling" or running to the nearest cover.
By way of a curtain-raiser, before the Satory Exhibition Creusot-Loire Industrie's Special Engineering Division has presented the first two prototypes of the new Mars 15 family of light armoured tracked vehicles: developed for the export market, the family belongs to the 15-18 tonnes weight category in full combat order, depending on the version.
The TOS-1A heavy flamethrower system is intended for direct fire support of advancing infantry and main battle tanks, and moves in their combat orders.
It provided convoy commanders with an area in which they could issue their combat orders, conduct a manifest rollcall for all personnel and sensitive items, and complete a thorough mission rehearsal, including battle drills.
Indian Defence Minister George Fernandes, who was also present at Kupwara, said soldiers were awaiting combat orders from the authorities.
military in Afghanistan last week issued new combat orders designed to reduce such casualties, calling on commanders to limit the use of close air support on residential compounds and other areas likely to result in civilian deaths and injuries.
The 11Bs train on Javelin operations, demolitions, warrior battle drills, combatives, combat orders, platoon tactical operations (Close Combat Tactical Trainer), situational training exercises (STX), and small arms proficiency training (SAPT).
The FRAGO log gave the 4th Sustainment Brigade an innovative tool to enhance operational visibility up and down the combat orders communication channel.
Can vegetarians be trusted with combat orders to kill the enemy if they won't eat meat because they know it's a killed cow?

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