Combat Situation

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Combat Situation


the aggregate of factors and conditions influencing combat action in a certain region during a certain segment of time. The combat situation includes the state of enemy forces (their composition, location, possible changes in groupings of troops, and nature of action), the state of one’s own forces (position, supply status, fighting capabilities), and the state of neighbors’ forces; the nature of the radiation, chemical, and bacteriological situation, the conditions of the terrain, the economy of the region, the sociopolitical makeup of the local population and its mood; climatic and meteorological data, the time of day and season of the year; and the time by which the combat mission is to be fulfilled. The commander must evaluate all conditions of the combat situation correctly and use them to achieve success. His conclusions from evaluation of the situation serve as the basis for his making a decision to fight (conduct an operation).

Information about the situation is gathered by all available methods, such as personal observation by the commander and other responsible personnel of enemy action and that of one’s own forces; inspection of the terrain and terrain objects; reconnaissance and survey reports of all types; reports of subordinate commanders; collection of information from the superior commander (staff) and from neighbors; and interrogation of prisoners, deserters, and others. The gathering and study of situation data is organized by headquarters and carried on before the start of combat action and during its course.

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Mr Callan, who also worked as a close protection officer in Afghanistan and Iraq, said: "I know what it's like to be in a combat situation where you are stretched both physically and mentally, so this is my way of helping the lads and lasses who are injured while serving this country.
I wouldn't have known what to do if I was a brand-new second lieutenant thrown into a combat situation.
They exuded the kind of character you hope to see in a combat situation."
This would definitely help us in a combat situation."
Below the surface, it reinforces why we train and illustrates the fact that we as Airmen need to be ready: every deployment to the AOR carries with it the possibility of being placed in a combat situation with little to no notice.
Miss Margree said PC Burdon had to postpone taking his sergeant's exams because of his injury, had 11 physiotherapy sessions and he was worried about his ability to perform in a future combat situation.
Modeling tools that could apply what we know about the weather, the geography, the leadership culture, the forces, the weapons systems, all the other variables of a combat situation, and formulate probability distributions of the battlespace.
"You don't want your enemy to have any information about you that could be used against us in a combat situation," he said.
A psychologist, who spent several hours interviewing him, testified that an obsession with military tactics and the desire to become a general might have actually served as motives for testing himself in a combat situation. Another expert in psychiatry and neurology who also interviewed the boy shared this opinion and suggested that his migraines resulted from a self-induced pressure to make good grades and that his pain disorder had progressively worsened to a schizoid personality disorder resulting in his detachment from social relationships and restricted range of emotional expression.
As we turn from the domestic mise-en-scene, we find exemplified in the poem "Ambush" Komunyakaa's skill in depicting a Vietnam combat situation. It begins:
The results of the project are shown here in the form of graphs and tables and the audience will be apprised about the details and development of a working model for a comprehensive Mental Health Response to combat situation as it happened in Kohat between 2008 and 2011.

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