Combat Vehicle

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combat vehicle

[′käm‚bat ‚vē·ə·kəl]
A land or amphibious vehicle, with or without armor or armament, designed for specific functions in combat or battle.

Combat Vehicle


a self-propelled vehicle designed for waging battle. Combat vehicles include tanks, self-propelled guns, infantry combat vehicles, armored personnel carriers, armored cars, and prime movers with trailers or semitrailers on which armament or combat matériel is mounted.

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Army to develop the first combat vehicle designed from the ground-up to operate in an IED-threat environment.
Since the Army fully intends to maintain the current fleet, as mentioned earlier, it is evident that the analysis was completed long ago and there is no need for yet another, and in this case undefined new, combat vehicle.
For self-reliance in the area of Combat Vehicles & Engineering, Tata Motors has laid emphasis on the development of Combat Vehicle Technologies and systems, with the aim of empowering our defence forces, with breakthrough technologies.
The Army will deliver a "detailed blueprint" of how it will integrate a new ground combat vehicle with the existing vehicles and MRAPs into all its brigades, he said.
BAE Systems is the top producer of combat vehicles in the world and provides nearly 80 percent of the vehicles in the Heavy Brigade Combat Team (HBCT).
BAE Systems is the top producer of combat vehicles in the world and earlier in the year announced a teaming agreement with Northrop Grumman Corporation.
Alcoas first work directive, or project funded under the contract, is a move to advance Alcoa-developed aluminum weld wire alloys, which have already been proven to increase the strength of welded jointstypically the weakest point on a vehicleand even reduce corrosion of those welded joints on combat vehicles.
It is the world's largest producer of combat vehicles, having fielded more than any other company in the world.
Saab has secured the fourth and fifth options of a multi-year contract to deliver laser-based training system for US Army's armoured combat vehicles.
As a world leader in developing and fielding high performance mine-hardened and mine-protected vehicles, BAE Systems' RG33 family leverages the best expertise from four decades of designing these types of vehicles in South Africa, and our long history of providing high survivability combat vehicles in the U.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: delivery of the combat vehicle for emergency and delivery of specialized combat vehicle for emergency specialist diving.
It's a light, agile wheeled combat vehicle with 360 degree armor protection against small arms fire, can withstand anti-tank land mines under any wheel and artillery burst fragments overhead.

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