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martial arts,

various forms of self-defense, usually weaponless, based on techniques developed in ancient China, India, and Tibet. In modern times they have come into wide use for self-protection, as competitive sports, and for exercise.

Jujitsu teaches skills that enable one to overcome a bigger, stronger opponent. A popular style of jujitsu is aikido, which uses wrist, elbow, and shoulder twists and graceful falls; it is noncompetitive and incorporates various spiritual concepts. Judojudo
, sport of Japanese origin that makes use of the principles of jujitsu, a weaponless system of self-defense. Buddhist monks in China, Japan, and Tibet developed jujitsu over a period of 2,000 years as a system of defense that could be used against armed marauders and yet
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, a Japanese sport created in 1882, makes use of jujitsu principles. Other popular forms of martial arts include kung fu, karate, and taekwondo, all of which emphasize blows with the feet and the side of the hand, and kendo, in which leather-covered bamboo "swords" are used. Judo and taekwondo are Olympic sports. Capoeira, a dancelike Brazilian discipline whose movements are performed to rhythmic music, is gaining in popularity.

The traditional Asian martial arts emphasize allowing ki (cosmic energy; also known as chi) to flow through one's body. This belief in ki connects the martial arts with t'ai chi ch'uan, a meditationlike discipline that emphasizes slow, graceful body movements. The most popular form of individual exercise in China, t'ai chi is often performed publicly in large groups; it has been claimed to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

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Allen said she learned the ins and outs of combat art.
The Navy Combat Art Program was founded in 1941, due to the determination and persistence of Griffith Bailey Coale, a popular muralist who also served as a Lieutenant Commander during World War According to the Navy's History and Heritage Command, "Believing that war was imminent and recognizing the value of having competent artists present at the scene of history-making events, Coale convinced Navy commanders to send him and other artists into the field.
Jim Pollock, part of the fourth combat art team in Vietnam, served as a postal clerk in Korea before discovering the art program and submitting an application, he said.
We had open travel orders, so we'd go visit different types of units," Pollock said of the combat art teams.
In 1996, I posted information on the internet about the US Army Vietnam Combat Art Program and samples of art work in the army collection I had done as a soldier artist.
He added that the Desert Force Program shows mixed combat arts, marking the first Arabian Championship of MMA Sports organized in the Middle East, which are aired exclusively on the MBC Action Channel every Monday at 10 p.
The policemen have undergone a 60-day training course, during which they received special training in all kinds of combat arts," Brigadier Kawa Gharieb told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
Born in Manchester, England, 25-year-old Thai boxer Martin Stapleton (5-1) trains with Quannum Combat Arts.
Walkers will receive a 2003 Hunger Walk T-shirt and be treated to snacks and family-focused entertainment including Ozzie from the Kane County Cougars, the Lani Aloha Lee dancers, a martial arts presentation by the Combat Arts Institute; clowns and face painters.

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