Combined Drilling

Combined Drilling


the combination or alternation at intervals of different methods and types of drilling (percussion and rotary drilling, coreless and core drilling, and so on) in sinking a borehole. The main advantage of combined drilling over any other drilling method is that it permits efficient use of several types of drilling, each of which is most favorable under certain drilling and geological conditions, during the sinking of a hole.

The combined method is often used for drilling shallow holes during geological engineering studies, surveying and prospecting work, and prospecting for nonmetallic building materials, because the rock and soils near the surface of the earth are particularly diverse in their physical and mechanical properties. Portable and self-propelled rigs that make possible the combination of several drilling methods are manufactured for sinking such holes (usually to depths of 40–50 m). For detailed deep-hole prospecting for many minerals, coreless drilling is often combined with core drilling. In this case thick rock series having no mineral content are drilled through at high speed by the coreless method, and the rock strata with mineral content are drilled through by the core method, with careful recovery of the core. The combined drilling method is used for deep gas and oil drilling: thick viscous-plastic rock strata are drilled by the rotary method, but hard rock is drilled by means of turbodrills and electrodrills.


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The combined drilling and trenching campaign will allow us to unlock the excellent exploration potential of the area.
With more than 40 years combined drilling industry experience the White brothers have garnered drilling know-how that they, and their customers, consider to be second to none.
This combined drilling program is the largest undertaken by Padbury and is part of a focused strategy to build the Peak Hill Iron Project base.
Eldfisk B is a combined drilling, wellhead and process facility at the Eldfisk oil field, which is located south of the Ekofisk field on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).
We expect to move quickly to absorb operations and to accelerate our combined drilling program.
A 75-foot reach cantilever with a combined drilling load capacity of 2.
The combined drilling program, and the estimated cost and timing of the wells, is set out in the following table.
With its leg measuring 678 feet or about 68 storeys tall, and a maximum combined drilling load of 3,860 kips, the KFELS N Plus is able to meet stringent operating requirements for the most challenging wells.
The hull for the MPF unit, a combined drilling, production, storage and offloading vessel, will be delivered by Cosco Dalian Shipyard, while engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) will be carried out by Dragados Offshore SA.
The combined Drilling Services offering will include platform drilling, land contract drilling, modular rigs, maintenance of drilling systems, directional drilling technology, underbalanced drilling, facility engineering services, rig and riser inspections, and oilfield rentals.
KFELS N Plus' leg that measures 678 feet or nearly 68 storeys tall, and a maximum combined drilling load of 3,860 kips, enables it to fulfill strict operating requirements for the most challenging wells.
The Company estimates that the combined drilling cost of both wells will be approximately $15 million (net to the Company's interest).

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