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What does it mean when you dream about a toilet?

Dreaming about a toilet can relate to any number of different meanings regarding waste products. A toilet dream could reflect something as simple as the feeling that one has unloaded something that was burdening him or her, or even releasing tightly held feelings. The dream might also be drawing on the meaning of such common idioms as “in the toilet” or “down the toilet.”

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1. A water closet; W.C. 2. The room containing the water closet.
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According to the Manila mayor, informal settlers made the park their makeshift comfort room.
Belmonte issued the statement after Gretchen Diez, a transgender woman was barred from using a women's comfort room at a mall in the Araneta Center.
These classrooms can accommodate about 40 students with each of them having chairs comfort rooms, ceiling fans and other needed facilities for the convenience of the students.
On Thursday, ACT said it received reports from the following schools where teachers converted comfort rooms to faculty rooms: Maligaya High School, Quezon City Sergio Osmeaa High School, Quezon City Bagong Silangan Elementary School, Quezon City Villamor High School, Manila Calderon Elementary School, Manila At the start of the 2019 school year for public schools, the Department of Education is confronted with yet another problem after Maricel Herrera, Bacoor National High School's faculty association president, uploaded on Facebook photos of an old restroom transformed into a faculty room.
Militant teacher's group Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) claimed that it received reports that comfort rooms (CR) in Quezon City and Manila have been converted to faculty rooms.
Kaladkaren said that using men's comfort rooms also poses problems, with men looking at them as if they are going to beat them up.
Passengers trooping back to Metro Manila after their nearly week-long Holy Week break from the provinces complained of filthy comfort rooms and lack of adequate water supply in some of Quezon City's bus terminals.
The pupils will enjoy new geometrically shaped and colored desks and tables, their own comfort rooms and fans to cool them from the warm dryness of the province throughout the year.
'All the delegates' needs are in place - comfort rooms, ventilation, screens to protect them from mosquitoes, and potable water dispensers,' she added.
'Instead of solving the longstanding problem of shortages in facilities, Department of Education Secretary Leonor Briones herself blamed the teachers for using the comfort rooms as faculty rooms to be 'more dramatic and touchy,'' Tinio lamented.