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On Monday, financial markets in Tokyo were closed due to the Coming-of-Age Day national holiday.
Record-low number of new adults mark Coming-of-Age Day
the airport operator, said it expects about 53,000 travelers to return from overseas on Monday alone as it fell on the Coming-of-Age Day national holiday in Japan.
Since 2000, Coming-of-Age Day has been moved from Jan.
the operator of sightseeing buses serving Tokyo and nearby tourism spots, held its annual coming-of-age ceremony Friday for bus tour guides ahead of Coming-of-Age Day on Monday.
Monday falls on coming-of-age day, a national holiday.
Police in Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, decided Wednesday to try to identify young people who disrupted a city-run Coming-of-Age Day ceremony Monday and to send the case to the public prosecutors.
held a Coming-of-Age Day ceremony for its 28 kimono-clad tour guides at its headquarters in Tokyo on Thursday, four days ahead of the national holiday Monday.
Ceremonies commemorating Coming-of-Age Day took place across Japan on Monday, the first time the holiday was held since being moved to the second Monday of January.
The event coincided with celebrations for the Coming-of-Age Day.
People had apparently scheduled their trips later than usual not only because of the Y2K bug but also due to the fact that Coming-of-Age Day, a national holiday, will this year fall on Jan.
13 Kyodo The number of Japanese who will have turned 20, the age of majority in Japan, in the year up to Friday's Coming-of-Age Day totals 1.