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(kəmĭntārn`) [acronym for Communist International], name given to the Third InternationalInternational,
any of a succession of international socialist and Communist organizations of the 19th and 20th cent. The First International

The First International was founded in London in 1864 as the International Workingmen's Association.
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, founded at Moscow in 1919. Vladimir Ilyich LeninLenin, Vladimir Ilyich
, 1870–1924, Russian revolutionary, the founder of Bolshevism and the major force behind the Revolution of Oct., 1917. Early Life
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 feared a resurgence of the Second, or Socialist, International under non-Communist leadership. The Comintern was established to claim Communist leadership of the world socialist movement. The delegates to the first congress were mainly Russians, with some members of left-wing socialist splinter groups who happened to be in the Soviet Union and one German (who abstained on the crucial vote of establishing the organization). Gregory ZinovievZinoviev, Grigori Evseyevich
, 1883–1936, Soviet Communist leader, originally named Radomyslsky. He joined the Russian Social Democratic Labor party in 1901 and sided with Vladimir Lenin's Bolshevik faction after 1903 (see Bolshevism and Menshevism).
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 was the first president of the Comintern. The second congress laid down (1920) the "Twenty-one Conditions" for membership, firmly establishing a differentiation between the socialist parties and the Communist parties. The Comintern gained strength during the 1920s, but its efforts to foment revolution, notably in Germany, were unsuccessful. In 1935, the Comintern abandoned the membership policies established under the "Twenty-one Conditions" and began to form coalitions, or popular fronts, with bourgeois parties. In 1936, Germany and Japan concluded the so-called Anti-Comintern Pact, ostensibly to protect the world from the Third International. The pact was renewed in 1941 with 11 other countries as signatories. In order to allay the misgivings of its allies in World War II, the Soviet Union dissolved the Comintern in 1943.


See B. Lazitch and M. M. Drachkovitch, Biographical Dictionary of the Comintern (1973); study by J. Riddell (1986).

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El PCC no tenia obstaculos aparentes para alinearse a la Comintern, pues cumplia las "21 condiciones" y tenia apoyo de las secciones mexicana y americana.
It concerns Indian leftist writers of the 1930s and their relationship both to organizations affiliated with the Comintern, and to the discourse and conventions of an emerging Soviet literature.
Comintern Files, Reel K-315 (47): George Brown from "Moscow" to "The Workers Party of Canada," 8 March 1924.
Kuusinen's call in 1924 for a workers' and peasants' government, in accordance with the line taken at the fifth congress of the Comintern, met with stiff resistance in Finland, where such a demand was seen as irrelevant to conditions in the country and liable to provoke the authorities to carry out mass arrests.
Tambien, la construccion de un imaginario revolucionario con Rusia sovietica y la Comintern como paradigmas heroicos proletarios sugiere no solo el efecto de estos factores en las representaciones culturales del radicalismo obrero, sino ademas el significado de este elemento internacional como nuevo jugador politico e ideologico en la esfera local y regional.
Therefore, KUTV and the Comintern were all the more important as the primary links between the revolutionary party-state and its left-leaning sympathizers in strategically important territories under British and French control.
In spite of these gaps in the secondary literature he consulted, Bain is one of the few scholars who have used Comintern records for the 1921-43 period; he is to be congratulated for his insistence on seeing the importance of the ties between u.
When the Foster-Cannon caucus had a majority, the Comintern intervened on behalf of the Ruthenberg-Lovestone caucus (which it deemed more loyal to the Comintern).
He was centrally involved in the formation of the PCI and in 1922 went to Moscow as one of its representatives in the Comintern.
las repercusiones de la revolucion de octubre y la fundacion del Comintern se combinaron con el desarrollo de la guerra para propiciar importantes cambios ideologicos en la trayectoria personal de Roy, como tambien en la del nacionalismo indio en general.
Of course, he had every right to be bitter, but the bitterness appears to have dominated and in some ways to have diminished the documents that date from after his expulsion as he gravitated back into the orbit of the mainstream Social Democrats, continuing a one-note argument denouncing any manifestation of 'putschism' and excoriating Zinoviev, Radek and the Russian leadership of the Comintern at any opportunity.
In the final section he considers continuing efforts to bring down Lenin, the work of Comintern, the Soviet invasion of Poland, the trade talks by those anxious to revive economies, especially the Anglo-Russian Trade Agreement and its lifeline to the Soviets.