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command line interface

(operating system)
A means of communication between a program and its user, based solely on textual input and output. Commands are input with the help of a keyboard or similar device and are interpreted and executed by the program. Results are output as text or graphics to the terminal.

Command line interfaces usually provide greater flexibility than graphical user interfaces, at the cost of being harder for the novice to use. Consequently, some hackers look down on GUIs as designed For The Rest Of Them.
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command line

A text-based user interface to the computer. The command line is a blank line and cursor on the screen, allowing the user to type in instructions for immediate execution. All major operating systems (Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, etc.) support command lines that programmers and power users can employ to perform file management operations directly and often more efficiently than by using a graphical user interface (GUI). After typing a command, it is executed by pressing the Enter key.

Windows Examples
There are numerous Windows commands in this encyclopedia, and two examples follow. To do these operations in Windows Explorer or a Windows-based Pkzip utility would take numerous mouse clicks. See Windows commands.

Command             Operation Performedcopy *.html d:\abc  Copy HTML files to
                     ABC folder in D drive

 pkzip xyz *.jpg     Compress all JPEG
                     files into the Zip
                     archive XYZ.ZIP.

Interactive or Sequential
Commands can be executed one at a time by typing the command and pressing Enter. They can also be executed as a group, in which case the commands are typed into a "batch" or "script" file. The file name is typed on the command line, and pressing Enter causes each command to be executed in order. See batch file abc's, cmd abc's, command processor and PowerShell.

Windows Command Line
After the command prompt was launched, the command cd /stage switches focus to the STAGE folder. The dir *.cmd lists all the Windows batch files, and prepnew executes the commands in the prepNEW.cmd file.

Mac/Unix/Linux Command Line
This example from macOS, which is a Unix-based operating system, shows two commands issued after the command line ("terminal window") was launched. The cd desktop switches focus to the desktop, and ls X* lists all files that begin with upper case "X."
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Since this example is about building a command-line application, the structure of having it built under a jni folder doesn't make much sense since there is no Java code or any code to interface with Java.
The products are easy to install, offering both an easy-to-use web-based interface called Array Pilot and a command-line interface.
GSAS is considered to be the most sophisticated and powerful Rietveld package, but it has a very dated command-line user interface that hinders potential users.
Like other programs of this type, you enter math commands in a document in a command-line syntax and Maple evaluates them and displays the results in the document.
Options include Global Control (one computer can mute/unmute other computers), Automatic Level Control (allows a computer to react to the volume of noise around it), Scheduled Volume (limits maximum volume on time-of-day or day-of-week basis), Simplified Screen Resolution Setting (can increase screen resolution/print size for visually challenged users), Command-Line Control (optimum volume levels and screen resolution can be preset for each program), and Volume Reset (resets optimum volume levels with one click).
"MKS Toolkit has been the defacto standard command-line and scripting environment for UNIX people working on Windows for years," said Pat Higbie, executive vice president, MKS.
However, the user may customize the command-line script to whatever schedule desired.
The graphical desktop environment is KDE, and you can work with its windows-like screens open the command-line level and learn Linux.
Designed to work on all Intel platforms, from the earliest 8088-based DOS platforms to the latest Pentiums, FAXHAVEN works in stand-alone or command-line mode, and lets you receive and process faxes as well as produce and transmit them on your PC.
KR OnDisc search software is useful, although by no means as powerful as the command-line searching available on the interactive Knight-Ridder online services.
Build awesome command-line applications in Ruby; control your computer, simplify your life.

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