Commander Islands

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Commander Islands:

see Komandorski IslandsKomandorski Islands
or Commander Islands,
Rus. Komandorskiye Ostrova, group of treeless islands, off E Kamchatka Peninsula, E Russian Far East, in SW Bering Sea. They consist of Bering Island, Medny Island, and two islets.
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, Russia.
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This is was the second earthquake in the Commander Islands in two days.
Sebastolobus macrochir is common in the western North Pacific off the Kuril Islands and in the Okhotsk and Japan seas, becoming rarer north in the western Bering Sea to Cape Navarin, to southeastern Kamchatka and the Commander Islands.
camchaticus has been recorded from the western Bering Sea from Cape Navarin to the Commander Islands, and the Pacific Ocean off southeastern Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands to the coast of Hokkaido in the Okhotsk Sea.
Flora of the Aleutian Islands and westernmost Alaska Peninsula with notes on the flora of Commander Islands.
Steller sea lions were numerous on Bering Island when discovered by George Steller in 1742, but they ceased breeding there and almost disappeared from the Commander Islands during the mid to late 19th century (Steller, 1751; Stejneger, 1898; Grebnitsky, 1902).
For example, of the 11 Steller sea lion sites known in the Commander Islands over the past 260 years, abundance data for the breeding season for a particular year or even over a decade are only available for 3-5 sites.
As director of the Aleutsk Regional Study Museum in Nikolskoye on Bering Island in the Commander Islands, Kiiyakina has a strong commitment to her culture.
In the last two years, after the break up of the Soviet Union, the Commander Islands were left orphaned.
schmidti (Sheiko and Tranbenkova 1998) in the Commander Islands, but within the 2283 m reported elsewhere for L.
Steller sea lions reappeared on the Commander Islands in the 1930's-50's, and a rookery was established on Medny Island in the 1960's-70's, about 100 years after they stopped breeding there.
They were "almost extinct" in the Commander Islands (Stejneger, 1898), but they were common along the East Kamchatka coast (Grebnitsky, 1902).
Hrdlicka had taken both May and Makary, the headman of Atka, to the Commander Islands (Bering and Copper) in 1937, and May might have secured information about Japanese landings from him.

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