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(société en commandité), a form of commercial partnership in capitalist countries.

Members of a commandite are subdivided into two categories: full partners, who bear unrestricted personal liability for the obligations of the partnership, and limited partners, who are liable for the obligations of the partnership within the limits of their contribution, whose size is determined by contract and recorded in a register. Unlike full partners, limited partners do not have a right to manage the affairs of the commandite or to act as its representatives. Commandites appeared in Western Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries; in Great Britain the commandite is represented by one of the forms of partnership with limited liability—limited partnership.

In the current practice of the capitalist states commandite is used to expedite the concentration of capital. The laws of the capitalist states provide for mandatory regulation only of those liabilities of the commandite that involve third parties; internal relations among participants in the commandite (including participation in management and the distribution of the profits) are controlled by provisions that become operative only in cases not otherwise provided for.

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Le depute Jamal Karimi Benchekroun du GPPS, intervenant, jeudi 18 avril courant au cours de la seance pleniere de la Chambre des Representants, au nom des Groupes et du Groupement parlementaires, lors de l'examen et de l'adoption de deux projets de lois relatives aux societes par actions, en nom collectif, a commandite simple, en participation et a responsabilite limitee, a indique que leur adoption s'inscrit dans le cadre des efforts du Maroc de tenir compte de l'evolution du climat des affaires et du contexte commercial aux niveaux international et national.
Un rapport commandite par la commission europeenne a deja pu cibler les mecanismes de soustraction des revenus de ces societes aux obligations fiscales sur le sol europeen ; [beaucoup moins que] l'impot d'Apple s'est eleve a 19 % de son chiffre d'affaires aux Eetats-Unis en 2013.
However, the right to pledge shares has not been added to the provisions relating to Joint Liability Companies and Limited Partnerships (Simple Commandite Companies).
Converse to that, the European continental format of the socie te en commandite simple (known as SECS or SCS in francophone countries and as KG in German speaking ones) distinguishes two classes of participants in the company, which according to Alem corresponds to the general partner/limited partner structure commonly used by private equity companies.
Par ailleurs, l'AUC commandite une reunion des residents seniors en urologie du Canada (RSUC) qui a lieu pendant le congres annuel de l'AUC.
En 1997, il modifie une premiere fois la constitution pour pouvoir etre reelu en novembre 1998, quelques jours apres il sera fortement soupconne d'avoir commandite le meurtre d'un celebre journaliste et opposant, Norbert Zongo.
Like their conventional counterparts, Shari'ah-compliant SICARs and SIFs can be structured as one of the five available corporate investment vehicles, such as a partnership limited by shares (societe en commandite par actions, SCA).
Montreal mandated that the plan be developed and implemented by a metropolitan organization that manages the area's paid parking system: Societe en commandite Stationnement de Montreald (197) The latter is an agent of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, a private consortium of businesses set to promote local growth.