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(1) In the late 19th century, small armed militia detachments of the Boers that operated against the local African population and in the Anglo-Boer War of 1899–1902.

(2) In World War II (1939–45) special detachments of the British armed forces designed for reconnaissance and sabotage action were given the name commandos in June 1940. Commando detachments were first formed in the army; in 1942 such units were formed in the navy. A commando detachment consisted of several platoons recruited from among volunteer soldiers of the regular army; they received special training in reconnaissance and sabotage action at sea and on land.

Among the best-known commando operations were the raids on the coast of Norway in the region of the Lofoten Islands and on the coast of France in the region of Dieppe (Aug. 19, 1942). In the Mediterranean the commandos carried out raids on the island of Crete and in Tobruk; in November 1941 they attacked Rommel’s headquarters in the region of Beda Littoria. When the second front was opened in Europe, seven commando detachments (of 500 to 600 men each) seized bases of operations and prepared the way for the landing of the main forces of the Normandy Landing Operation of 1944. The British Navy retained the commandos after World War II.


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The SAF commandos were on their way to their SAF detachment in Sitio Canumay in Barangay San Jose when the attack happened, Agtarap added.
Green Commandos would then punish Stima less than 10 minutes later when Henry Atola received a through-pass, rounded up the goalkeeper before calmly slotting into an empty net.
Aquino has repeatedly shielded himself from responsibility, saying the ground commander had disobeyed his instruction to coordinate with the military, which he said could have provided artillery and air support to the commandos.
The week long 8th All India Police Commando Competition was organised by the National Security Guard, wherein 25 teams from different Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) and State Police Forces participated.
The tests of the commandos who donated blood will also be conducted which include: Hepatitis B (2 tests), Hepatitis C, HIV (2 tests), Syphilis, Blood Group and Hemoglobin.
S and 12th Rabi-ul-Awal the Special Security Unit Commandos have provided security as IGP Reserve Force.
The band not only entertained fans with a rollicking rendition of the classic Hockey Night in Canada theme, but also marked each goal with a select anthem: Heart of Oak for Navy goals, The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) for Commandos scores.
The eid gifts were presented among the families of martyred commandos living in Karachi and interior Sindh.
They were initially produced by Commando, previously named Volunteer Arms, as the Mark III.
It is pointed out that in case of Commandos, Lady Commandos and Constable Drivers, the Written Test will only be taken from the candidates who qualify the first Physical Test.
BEIRUT: Two Lebanese Naval commandos drowned after their Navy boat capsized Saturday at dawn off Lebanon's northern shore, a source told The Daily Star.
Kuwait Armed Forces teams greeted Ali with a big commandos show, giving him precious memorabilia that will help with his future as a commando.