Commercial Internet eXchange

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Commercial Internet eXchange

(networking, body)
(CIX) The CIX is a non-profit, 501(c)6, trade association coordinating Internet services. Its member organisations provide TCP/IP or OSI data internetwork services to the general public. The CIX gives them unrestricted access to other worldwide networks. It also takes an interest in the development and future direction of the Internet.

The CIX provides a neutral forum to exchange ideas, information, and experimental projects among suppliers of internetworking services. The CIX broadens the base of national and international cooperation and coordination among member networks. Together, the membership may develop consensus positions on legislative and policy issues of mutual interest.

The CIX encourages technical research and development for the mutual benefit of suppliers and customers of data communications internetworking services. It assists its member networks in the establishment of, and adherence to, operational, technical, and administrative policies and standards necessary to ensure fair, open, and competitive operations and communication among member networks. CIX policies are formulated by a member-elected board of directors.
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Though much of this coordination happens informally, it also involves meetings associated with the North American Networks Operators Group, the Asia Pacific Networking Group, the Reseaux IP Europeans (RIPE), the European Operators Forum, and such trade associations as the Commercial Internet Exchange. European ISPs created RIPE and Asian ISPs created the Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC) to facilitate IP address allocation in their regions.
The Commercial Internet Exchange Association, Falls Church, Virginia, founded in 1991, was established to promote the development of a public data communication network.
Joining the SPJ, the ALA and CDT as plaintiffs are: America Online Inc.; American Booksellers Association Inc.; American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression; American Society of Newspaper Editors; Apple Computer Inc.; Association of American Publishers; Association of National Advertisers; Association of Publishers, Editors and Writers; Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition; Commercial Internet Exchange Association; CompuServe Inc.; Families Against Internet Censorship; Freedom to Read Foundation Inc.; Hotwired Ventures LLC; Interact Services Association; Microsoft Corp.; Microsoft Network; Netcom Inc.; Newspaper Association of America; Opnet Inc,; Prodigy Services Co.; and Wired Ventures Ltd.
Sovam Teleport announced that it has become the first Russian member of the Commercial Internet Exchange (CIX).
In addition, cooperative efforts among businesses may lead to the expansion of services like the Commercial Internet Exchange (CIX), which work around government restraints on business uses of the Internet.

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