Commercial Italianate style

Italianate style

Italianate style villa
An eclectic style of Italian-influenced residential and commercial architecture; fashionable in England and America from the 1840s to around 1890. Italianate style residential buildings may be classified as: Villas: Domestic architecture intended to resemble prosperous farmhouses or country manor houses of northern Italy; usually two stories high, with an attic story; Town houses: Urban row houses, commonly three or four stories in height with a flat or very low-pitched roof; mullions divide both the upper and lower window sashes vertically into two panes. Commercial Italianate style buildings: a raised pediment above the roofline at the center of the façade, often with the name of the building and/or the date of its completion, and a cast-iron façade. Palazzi: See Italian Renaissance Revival.
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The building, a fine example of the Commercial Italianate style, served as store, post office, soda fountain, dance hall and roller rink.

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