Commercial Schools

Commercial Schools


secondary schools in prerevolutionary Russia that trained students for commerce.

The first commercial school was established in Moscow in 1773. In 1804 a commercial school was opened at the expense of the merchant class of Moscow; in 1806 it was renamed the Moscow Practical Academy. In the late 19th century, commercial schools were created in various Russian cities on the initiative and at the expense of the industrial and commercial bourgeoisie. Until 1906, all commercial schools were under the jurisdiction first of the Ministry of Finance and later of the Ministry of Trade and Industry. By the Statute of 1896, commercial schools became general-education schools charged with providing general and commercial education.

The fees of commercial schools were high, which meant that the great majority of students were children of the big and middle bourgeoisie. Boys and girls were taught together in many schools. They had seven-year or eight-year programs. In the upper grades, time was set aside for specialized subjects (including the study of commodities and engineering, bookkeeping, and accounting). Graduates could enroll in commercial institutes or higher technical schools. Commercial schools had more financial support than other secondary schools in Russia. In the 1913–14 school year, there were about 250 commercial schools in Russia (55,000 students, including 10,500 girls). Such well-known Russian pedagogues and methodologists as V. A. Gerd, V. N. Verkhovskii, and P. A. Znamenskii worked in commercial schools. The schools existed up to 1918.

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Their commercial school days were a period of disgrace and despair for the young couple.
Well, at least the established middle class of merchants, businessmen, shopkeepers and skilled craftsman -- people who did not attend Latin schools, but received their professional training in the 'French' commercial schools, or in practical apprenticeships -- were now seen as requiring an education aimed an cultivating an awareness of social responsibility as well as communicative skills.
Many of the positions at commercial schools are part time.
Caroe is a graduate of the Marine Engineers School in Copenhagen and holds a Diploma in Export from The Special Courses of The Danish Commercial Schools.
Contract notice: Fachplanung hls technology for the conversion and the increase in commercial schools dillenburg.
There were specialist art schools (Moseley School of Art) and commercial schools (in Aston and Sparkhill), which were also entered by means of an entrance test, as were the grammar schools.
The Navy is also considering sending its IT technicians to commercial schools for training, he said.
And if you don't have a teenager to explain how all this works, you will have to spend perhaps $500 on just one more thing - a computer course, available through universities, colleges or commercial schools.
This type of training had previously only been available at commercial schools at a much higher cost.
If administration of these schools doesn't want to reduce the fees then they should withdraw the word missionary and name their schools as commercial schools, a group of parents said.
When I was there, we were told they used to be the Junior Tech and Junior Commercial schools.
Even m our times his white-ribboned herald's staff and winged sandals often serve is emblems of commercial schools, and businessmen are jokingly referred to as "die Junger Merkurs" (the disciple's of Mercury), similar to the mercuriales.

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