Commercial Usage

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Usage, Commercial


an established procedure, or rule, in commercial practice that is used to determine the will of the contracting parties in the event this will has not been explicitly expressed in the contract. Commercial usage is taken into consideration only to the degree that the parties know of its existence and had it in mind when concluding the contract.

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Facebook and Instagram lead in commercial usage. When asked about which platforms respondents have used to 'click on a post, sponsored link, or ad', Facebook (70%) and Instagram (59%) rank the highest among platforms surveyed in terms of commercial intent.
Primarily, electronic locks were restricted to some enterprise and basic commercial usage. Although, they have been expanding in essentially in great and extended residential work over the duration of the past ten years.
Also, Methane Hydrate has the potential to produce natural gas at a very large scale, with large deposit spread across the globe methane hydrate market will be driven by industrial sector and from commercial usage e.g.
Their commercial usage, however, will be determined later.
Chairing a high-level meeting to review progress in tourism sector, PM Imran said that the commercial usage of rest houses will not only boost tourism in the country but also generate revenue.
to explore the use of lighting products for various applications in commercial usage. It will help exhibitors generate new sales leads, while seeking partnerships with local clients.
Browse Full Report with TOC- The chemical and polymer industries use syngas catalyst to convert natural gas into LPG, which makes the transportation of natural gas easier, thus making it convenient for electric power, industrial supply, commercial usage, and residential usage.
By Type of LED: The market is dominated by the sales of LED luminaires as these are popular for the commercial usage. Lamps are preferred by the government for retrofitting the traditional lighting system with the LED lamps.
He also talked about the chamber's attestation on commercial documents without violating commercial usage.
He observed that the currently reclaimed areas that have been transformed into heavy commercial usage have also denied the public the "free view" of the famous Manila Bay sunset.
by civilian in funnel area and commercial usage of rooftop of high rise public
Ban has also been imposed on possession and flying of drones by civilian in funnel area and commercial usage of rooftop of high rise public and private buildings with windows in upper stories facing landing zone of commercial planes.

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