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Port of Bellingham facilities are an ideal base for commercial fishermen with competitive moorage rates, exceptional infrastructure, comprehensive marine goods and services, and close proximity to prime fishing grounds in Southeast Alaska, Puget Sound, and the waters off the Pacific Northwest.
In the Western USA it's not uncommon for women to work as commercial fishermen, and it was great to see so many women among the fisher poets.
We now know that over half of Watts' alleged clients were phantoms: individuals never represented by Watts, in a number of cases not even commercial fishermen, and in some instances individuals who are deceased," BP said in its court filing.
Commercial fishermen collectively earned average gross revenues of $48 million per year harvesting PWSAC salmon.
More than a decade ago, fishery managers in Alaska protected many prey species with the strong support of commercial fishermen, eventually putting off-limits more than 60 species of forage fish both in the Gulf of Alaska and in the Arctic Sea.
While commercial fishermen decried the decision, environmentalists cheered.
The Commercial Fishermen of America was formed with the help of a $50,000 startup grant from the David & Lucille Packard Foundation, which funds marine conservation programs.
Commercial fishermen and seafood processors now can turn to a single Web site, aptly called AlaskaFishBiz.
6 million I striped bass in American coastal waters, the nation's commercial fishermen were insisting that this prized game fish needed no special treatment, that they could rebound on their own despite an annual catch that routinely took juveniles and pregnant females.
The proposed byelaw would prohibit the taking of any sea fish from within the MNR by anyone, whether divers, anglers or commercial fishermen.
Coleman said while the total poundage of fish in the over-fished categories is limited for both recreational and commercial fishermen, sport anglers often catch more than their allocation because of the lack of timely data on take.
For commercial fishermen to upgrade their boats to meet the standard as laid down by the Department, for a few days in a given year, could mean an outlay of up to EUR10,000.

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