Earth Summit

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Earth Summit:

see United Nations Conference on Environment and DevelopmentUnited Nations Conference on Environment and Development
(UNCED) or Earth Summit,
an 11-day meeting held in June, 1992, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to discuss the global conflict between economic development and environmental protection.
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Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development is a joint initiative of ITU and UNESCO aimed at boosting ICT/broadband connectivity and digital development initiatives.
The UN Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development comprises more than 50 leaders from across a range of government and industry sectors who are committed to actively assisting countries, UN experts and non-governmental organization teams to fully leverage the huge potential of information and communication technologies to drive new national sustainable development strategies in key areas like education, healthcare and environmental management.
The Parties order the Executive Committee together with the Interstate Coordination Water Commission, Interstate Commission for Sustainable Development of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea (IFAS) to develop the Action Program to Help Countries in the Aral Sea Basin 2011-2015 with involvement of national experts and donors.
The EU intends to tackle this issue during the scheduled May 2007 meeting of the United Nations Commission for Sustainable Development.
A WGGAN delegation will attend the United Nations Commission for Sustainable Development (CSD) 14th Session in New York City.
Not Exactly, a report on sustainable development in the operation of central government by the Commission for Sustainable Development, finds that, 'with rising carbon dioxide emissions, serious water wastage, and poor fuel and waste records, Government is struggling to manage its own affairs sustainably'.
These have received additional support from a variety of United Nations Organizations such as UNESCO (for World Heritage sites), Ramsar (for wetlands), UN Environment Program (analyzing environmental problems in post-conflict situations) and the Commission for Sustainable Development (for future development).
The Forum is being organised by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe as a regional initiative and contribution to the forthcoming ninth United Nations Commission for Sustainable Development (CSD-9, New York, April, 2000, a follow-up to the 1992 Rio Conference).
The final report of the proceedings by the WCFSD will be presented to both the United Nations and national governments at the fifth session of the UN Commission for Sustainable Development next spring.

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