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A joint, seam, or closure line where two structures unite.



in human and animal anatomy, a site of union or junction.

The commisura labiorum oris is the junction of the lips at the corners of the mouth. The anterior commissure of the cerebrum is the transverse bundle of nerve fibers that unites the corpora striata of the forebrain in the majority of vertebrates. The anterior commissure of the mantle, or the commissura fornicis, joins the hemispheres of the forebrain in dipnoans and terrestrial vertebrates—the basis of the corpus callosum in mammals.

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The comparison of distances between the coronary orifices and commissures of aortic leaflets were performed using Student-t test.
Corium tricolored, anterior half pale yellowish-orange, followed by a black irregular transverse fascia located beyond claval commissure, and followed by pale yellow apical margin and apical angle; hemelytral membrane dark brown with narrow dirty white border, and basal angle and adjacent area to apical border dirty yellowish-ochre multicolorata Brailovsky 17'.
Lesions of the posterior commissure in the dorsal midbrain also impair vertical gaze, due to the disruption of bilateral crossing pathways.
However, the occipital cross commissures (occ) continue in Eukaia almost to the middle of the Nu plate as in Actinolepis (Mark-Kurik 1973, text-fig.
Early stages of infestation result in short traces restricted primarily to the commissure edge and/or the median deflection of the shell.
The patients were a 53-year-old woman and a 40-year-old man who had a laryngeal commissure and a vocal cord lesion, respectively.
With the addition of Commissure and Vocada, two radiology IT leaders, Nuance's Dictaphone Healthcare division has expanded its product portfolio to significantly improve workflow operations for the radiology industry.
A supportive elastic bandage was placed at the level of the beak commissure during the following 24 hours in order to reduce downward pressure on the suture line and minimize the risk of dehiscence of the suture.
Les perleches sont des lesions qui apparaissent a la commissure des levres.