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A joint, seam, or closure line where two structures unite.
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in human and animal anatomy, a site of union or junction.

The commisura labiorum oris is the junction of the lips at the corners of the mouth. The anterior commissure of the cerebrum is the transverse bundle of nerve fibers that unites the corpora striata of the forebrain in the majority of vertebrates. The anterior commissure of the mantle, or the commissura fornicis, joins the hemispheres of the forebrain in dipnoans and terrestrial vertebrates—the basis of the corpus callosum in mammals.

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There is also a potential importance in the arterial orifice related to the middle, the left or the right third of the space between the respective commissures. The analysis in this study show that the coronary arterial orifices are not located in the center of each aortic sinus, or close to the level of the free horizontal margins of the aortic sinus, as they were represented in many diagrams.
Two bilaterally symmetric neuron pairs described in this paper have their axons in the unpaired nerve that arises from the ventral pedal commissure. In prior work in L.
The cerebro-pedal, cerebro-pleural, and cerebro-buccal connectives, as well as the cerebral commissure were supplied by numerous GLU-LIR processes, indicating a well-developed interganglionic GLUergic connectivity.
The main pathological finding was severe mitral valve stenosis with reduced mitral valve area and fusion of the commissures. This may be caused by rheumatic reactivation process.
Short serotonin-LIR fibers projected ventrally from the SUM, S-r1, and S-l1 to form a plexus in the same region as the FMRFamide-LIR commissure (see day 9, Figs.
The eighth pleonic ganglion anlage shows only one commissure. Furthermore, this ganglion lacks any engrailed expression which characterizes the posterior part of forming ganglia, although an epidermal eighth pleonic engrailed stripe is formed.
Data Items for Tumor Sites and Subsites Trachea Left, right, midline Hypopharynx Left, right, midline Piriform sinus Postcricoid Pharyngeal wall (lateral and/or posterior) Other Supraglottis Left, right, midline Epiglottis Aryepiglottic fold(s) Arytenoid(s) False vocal cord(s)/fold(s) Ventricle(s) Glottis Left, right, midline True vocal cord/fold Anterior commissure Posterior commissure Subglottis Left, right, midline Table 4.
The commissures, connectives and nerves have a thin layer of loose connective tissue at the periphery and bundles of fibers in the center (Figs.
Measurements (mm) were then made from nasion, ipsilateral ala, subnasale, and menton to the left and right commissure of the lip, respectively, using the caliper setting (Figure 1).
A facial nerve examination revealed asymmetry of the frontal muscles and oral commissures and weakness in closing her left eye.
The ascending aorta was transversely sectioned approximately 1 cm above the commissures of aortic leaflets.
Copeland's Modification of Bentall: The diseased aortic wall was removed leaving behind a 3-4 mm cuff of aortic wall proximally above the valve commissures (figure).