Committee of Youth Organizations of the USSR KMO SSSR

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Committee of Youth Organizations of the USSR (KMO SSSR)


a social organization of Soviet youth. Its goal is to develop and strengthen friendship, cooperation, and mutual understanding between Soviet youth organizations and foreign youth and student national alliances and between regional and international youth organizations. It was established in 1956 (from 1941 to 1956 it was the Antifascist Committee of Soviet Youth). The committee includes social, professional, sports, cultural, and other Soviet youth organizations; it also consists of organizations that conduct work among young people. Student organizations of Soviet youth are represented in the KMO SSSR by the Student Council of the USSR.

There are republic, krai, and oblast committees of youth organizations, which operate in the republics, krais, and oblasts. Youth organizations in the USSR have permanent representatives in the Secretariat of the International Union of Students and in the Bureau of the World Federation of Democratic Youth.

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