Commodity Resources

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Commodity Resources


in socialist countries, consumer goods that are earmarked for sale in the domestic market or for export. Commodity resources comprise finished agricultural and industrial goods produced either in current or preceding periods, as well as the carry-over of inventories and imported goods. The resources make up the supply of goods that are offered on the market to meet demand. Commodity resources do not encompass all consumer goods produced; some remain with the producers for internal needs and for consumption in kind. However, it is also possible for the resources to exceed the volume of goods produced because of carry-overs of inventories and imports.

The principal source of commodity resources is industrial and agricultural production. Hence, the development and improvement of production constitute a necessary condition for providing consumer goods to the population in accordance with demand. Commodity resources comprise food and nonfood items. The greater part of commodity resources is subject to state planning and constitutes planned commodity inventories. The rest is sold locally through decentralized transactions, through the kolkhoz market, or through commission sales by consumer cooperatives.

State planning determines the size of commodity resources, in both physical and monetary terms, the sources of the resources, and the designated uses. Resources are allocated for sales to consumers, for export, for industrial processing and consumption, for supply to state institutions, for industrial clothing, and for other state needs. The development of socialist production has led to a steady growth of commodity resources.


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