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1. the senior captain of a shipping line
2. the officer in command of a convoy of merchant ships
3. the senior flag office of a yacht or boat club



(1) A high rank in knightly medieval and religious orders.

(2) A high rank in the hierarchy of Masonic lodges.

(3) In the USSR (before 1926), Western Europe, and the USA, the title of the president of a yacht club.

(4) The head administrator of horse, ski, bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, and other races and tours.

(5) In Great Britain, the Netherlands, and several other countries, the rank of a commander of a group of ships who does not hold the rank of admiral.

(6) In Russia from the early 18th century to the early 19th, the naval rank (Russian, komandor) between captain first class and rear admiral fourth class.


One of the first personal computer companies. In 1977, Commodore Business Machines, West Chester, PA, introduced the PET computer and launched the personal computer industry along with Apple and Radio Shack. In 1982, it introduced the Commodore 64 (64K RAM) and later the Commodore 128. These were popular home computers, and more than 10 million were sold.

In 1985, Commodore's new Amiga series offered advanced imaging and video capabilities at affordable prices. A line of IBM-compatible PCs was also introduced, but the Amiga line was Commodore's mainstay until 1994, when the company filed for bankruptcy. See Amiga and Commodore 64.

The Commodore PET
The USD $595 PET (Personal Electronic Transactor) contained its own tape cassette (on the left) and a whopping 4K of RAM. (Image courtesy of Steven Stengel,

Amiga and Video Toaster Software
The Amiga and Video Toaster were touted as the most affordable broadcast-quality video editing system on the market. Digital effects were created in the Amiga and converted to the analog tape decks in real time. (Image courtesy of NewTek, Inc.)
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Before the end of the year Commodore Middle East will be operating," Ezz Edin says.
After retiring from IDSA, Air Commodore Singh set up the Centre for Air Power Studies (CAPS), a think tank dedicated to modern and futurisitc air power trends.
Little did he know that in 1982 with the arrival of the Commodore 64,
Commodore White's brother Rupert, in evidence at yesterday's hearing, said: "He would have been completely stunned by what had happened.
On one ship, Commodore Perry watches as boats full of Japanese soldiers approach.
He said: "As there are over 400 Sea Cadet units in the country, a visit from the Commodore is very rare.
David Hopkins, honorary club secretary, said: "As the sun went over the yard arm at the end of the 50 years celebration, the current commodore, Eammonn Platt, proposed a toast to the next 50 years.
A Commodore C-64/Excelerator plus Disk Drive (without a monitor) computer system was listed at $249.
has won a lawsuit against Commodore International Ltd.
After a two-year hiatus, Commodore Business Machines, Inc.