Common Antenna

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Common Antenna


an antenna with auxiliary equipment used for community reception of television and radio signals. A common antenna installation includes the antenna itself, amplifiers, a network of distribution lines, and subscribers’ branch boxes with terminals, designed for connecting a large number of individual receivers (up to several hundred). To improve the reception of television signals common antenna installations use directional yagis and wide-band (multiple-tuned) dipole antennas with reflectors oriented toward the transmitting station. The use of directional antennas and directional branches (in distribution lines) also makes possible the attenuation of multiple reflection images on television screens.

A common antenna is usually installed on the roof of a building. One common antenna replaces a large number of individual receiver antennas, improves reception conditions, and does not spoil the exterior of a building.

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"The DTV Utah site is an interesting mix of public, commercial and independent stations, most of which operate on a common antenna system that changed with the repack," James said.
In this paper, the design of the common antenna and its array is based on structure of UAV carrier.
Two of the most common antenna shapes for shipping labels are squiggle and double cross (see illustration).
Here are some of the much-needed items: COMSEC interface tray 5810-01-529-3613 Interface unit, auto (IRD) 7025-01-529-0642 Digital computer system (laptop) 7010-01-528-9891 Common antenna group (feedome assy) 5985-01-530-2371 Antenna pedestal support (motor assy) 5985-01-530-1552 Antenna support group (tripod hub) 5985-01-530-2368 Antenna pedestal support (tripod assy) 5985-01-530-2369 Control receiver (STRC) 5895-01-530-1058 W-3 power cable 6150-01-530-1909 W-5 special cable 6150-01-530-8289 special cable 5995-01-530-1905
The most common antenna types for wireless LANs are omni-directional, but directional radiation patterns are sometimes needed.
The system incorporates different network technologies on different frequency bands, including GSM900, GSM1800, CDMA800, CDMA2000 and WCDMA in a common antenna system.
The star point combiner principle was chosen to implement a suitable filter combiner to achieve low attenuation loss with acceptable mechanical dimensions in combining the up-link and downlink ranges with the receiving and transmitting ranges in a common antenna field.
The design produced by engineers at Sanders (Nashua, NH) merged several sensors into a common antenna system.
In this paper, we focus on one of the common antenna designs--the microstrip patch antenna.
In this case, the RCP gain of ARSPL antenna with cover approaches 14dB at frequency 5.9 GHz, while the common antenna without cover has a gain of 8.6dB.

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