Common Desktop Environment

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Common Desktop Environment

(graphics, operating system)
(CDE) A desktop manager from COSE.
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(1) (CD-E) (Compact Disc-Erasable) The original name for rewritable CDs. See CD-RW.

(2) (Computer Desktop Encyclopedia) The Windows and Android versions of this encyclopedia. Originally The Computer Glossary, first printed in 1981, it was renamed Computer Desktop Encyclopedia (CDE) in 1995, and The Computer Glossary became an abbreviated version. See About this encyclopedia and

(3) (Common Desktop Environment) A user interface for desktop computing from The Open Group. It combines the OSF/Motif graphical interface, the X Window system and other elements, including remote program launching and the ability to suspend and resume applications in their own workspace. Supported by most Unix vendors, the first CDE products were introduced in 1995. See Open Group and Korn shell.

(4) (Certified Directory Engineer) A certification for proficiency in Novell's eDirectory service. Introduced in 2000, in 2004, Novell announced that CDE certification was closing in favor of the Certified Linux Engineer (CLE) program, which includes directory services. See Novell certification.

(5) (Cooperative Development Environment) A client/server application development system from Oracle Corporation that evolved into Developer/2000 and Designer/2000.
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