Common Dolphin

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Common Dolphin


(Delphinus delphis), a mammal of the Delphinidae family belonging to the Odontoceti suborder. Body length, up to 2.5 m. The upper part of the body and head are blackish, and the belly and sides are white (hence the name in Russian of belobochka, white-side). The dorsal and pectoral fins are sickle-shaped. The nose is narrow, long, and beak-shaped. The teeth are small and numerous (up to 240). The common dolphin is widely distributed in seas of the equatorial and temperate zones; it lives in the open sea. It feeds on anchovies, sprats, herring, capelin, and other small fish living in the upper layers of the seas. It congregates in schools which number up to several thousand individuals. In the Black Sea the common dolphin mates in July and August, and the gestation period lasts from ten to 11 months. Usually the female bears one young, whose body length is about 90 cm.

The common dolphin is a commercial fish; its fat and skin are used. The numbers of common dolphin have fallen sharply; only Turkey hunts it commercially. The USSR and Bulgaria have forbidden the commercial catching of dolphins for a ten-year period beginning in 1966.


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Although the seasonal distribution patterns here are generally consistent with those found by Forney and Barlow (1998) for temperate species, an increase in common dolphin sightings was observed in that study in winter rather than in summer for 1991-92.
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Being the only hunters that occur in numbers intelligent enough to anticipate the behaviour of the sardines, the common dolphin is the true architect of the sardine run.
Even common dolphins, once the most abundant species in the Mediterranean, are now classified as Endangered in the IUCN Red List.
There were 15 specimens where the field identification was either short-beaked common dolphin or long-beaked common dolphin.
Below, passengers on an Island Packers' tour catch a glimpse of a common dolphin along for the ride.
Four of them live there year-round: the California sea lion, the common dolphin, the bottle-nosed dolphin, and the vaquita, which is also known as the Gulf of California harbor porpoise.
Predominantly, bottlenose dolphin are seen but common dolphin, orca, minke whales and humpback whales also live around the Loop Head peninsula, which lies at the bottom tip of County Clare.
The common dolphin was found stranded on Bettystown beach by local man John Stacey early last Monday.
The abundance of the long-beaked common dolphin (Delphinus capensis) is estimated from data collected during a 2009 ship-based line-transect survey.