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In other cases, according to Gralla, Web sites take advantage of techniques such as common gateway interface (CGI) scripts, a communications protocol used to reach other software applications such as databases.
The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is a standard for interfacing external applications with information servers, such as HTTP or Web servers.
Once the respondent entered her/his username and password the program took them to a web page that used a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) script to verify that the respondent was eligible to participate and had not previously taken the survey.
You are also introduced to the basics of CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripting, which is the basis for supporting many Web-based applications.
CGI - Stands for Common Gateway Interface: This is a technical term used to describe one way in which a web browser can send information back to the web server to do some useful task with the information.
The Web already has standards in place for dynamic Web pages, such as Common Gateway Interface and Java Scripts/Applets.
The PDG Shopping Cart is a common gateway interface based software solution for Web stores.
The machines support HTTP/1.1, common gateway interface (CGI) and Perl scripting, HTML page authoring, email services, public and private threaded discussion, document indexing and sharing and cross-platform file sharing, which allows a NetWinder file server to support clients running Windows NT, 95 and Apple's Macintosh OS.
This is all done without the need for any CGI (common gateway interface) scripts.
However, AOL doesn't support some advanced options, such as fill-in forms and customized programming language scripts called Common Gateway Interface (CGI) that add interactivity to your web site.
For example, Common Gateway Interface scripts (which allow graphics animation on your screen) are a major source of security holes.