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misdemeanor, in law, a minor crime, in contrast to a felony. At common law a misdemeanor was a crime other than treason or a felony. Although it might be a grave offense, it did not affect the feudal bond or take away the offender's property. By the 19th cent. serious crimes were labeled felonies, and minor crimes misdemeanors. In the United States a misdemeanor usually is an offense that may be punished summarily by fine and by imprisonment for less than a year. Commission of a misdemeanor does not cancel citizenship or subject an alien to deportation. In some states of the United States certain minor law violations are not even classified as misdemeanors, e.g., traffic offenses and breach of municipal regulations.
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(US), misdemeanor
Criminal law (formerly) an offence generally less heinous than a felony and which until 1967 involved a different form of trial
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As with Broadfield, the most common crimes in Three Bridges were violent and sexual offences which totalled 349.
The second most common crime was anti-social behaviour, coming in just behind violence and sexual offences with 2,291 cases recorded (22%).
Theft was also the most common crime in the Dyfed-Powys area in both 2007/08 and 2008/09 where there were a total of 1,373 arrests last year.
The survey says levels of common crime have fallen significantly over the past ten years in the EU countries.
Integral to this competition is federal legislation, initially enacted in 1984, which created a fund to act as a depository for money generated from the seizure and forfeiture of property and permitted federal agencies to enhance their budgetary resources through the use of forfeited property, the reimbursement of investigative expenses, and the ability to compensate state and local enforcement agencies in return for the use of their personnel to address common crime problems.
"He is being accused of common crime, and it would a legal distortion to declare him a political refugee," said Jaime Morales Carazo, an aide to Aleman.
Although the robbery rate decreased the most at a 16.3 per cent, it was still the most common crime committed, accounting for about one-fifth of all offences.
* International terrorism and organized crime (ITOC), are engaged in what the Organization of American States (OAS) has recently defined as "grave common crime."
Forgery Although less costly to the victim than fraud, forgery is a common crime committed over the Internet, says Ira Winkler, director of technology for the National Computer Security Association (www.ncsa.com).
The most common crime reported by far was drug offences, although miscellaneous theft and assault without injury also featured heavily.
"Except in March 2013 and June 2016 when it was at 10.5% and 11.4% respectively, victimization of families by any common crime has been at single-digit levels from March 2012 to December 2018," SWS said.

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