Commonwealth of Australia

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Commonwealth of Australia:

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, smallest continent, between the Indian and Pacific oceans. With the island state of Tasmania to the south, the continent makes up the Commonwealth of Australia, a federal parliamentary state (2005 est. pop. 20,090,000), 2,967,877 sq mi (7,686,810 sq km).
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Few political leaders during epoch one disputed the assumption that the Invalid Pension was a charity measure (see Commonwealth of Australia 1908a; 1908b; 1908c; Kewley 1980: 11).
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Her I honour cited with approval the conclusion of Gleeson CJ in Plaintiff 5157/2002 v Commonwealth of Australia.
Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia, Quentin Bryce will grace this year's independence celebrations.
New York, NY) announced that notification was received that its patent application entitled, "Low Oxygen Organic Waste Bioconversion System" has been granted by the Commonwealth of Australia Patent Office and given a Standard Patent number of 2002227224.
This then spread to the remaining states through the 1890s, until they all momentously joined together as a full nation at federation in 1901, ushering in the first national elections as the new Commonwealth of Australia.
1900 -- The Commonwealth of Australia was proclaimed.
Edward Heath's government wanted to tighten rules for people from the "new" Commonwealth while easing them for the "old" Commonwealth of Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
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The Bureau of Immigration, Multicultural and Population Research, an independent research body within the Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs in the Commonwealth of Australia, is the publisher.
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