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And it remains an example that the citizens of Birmingham can also seek to emulate in making their own 'commonwealth of nations' an even greater and more prosperous place in which to live.
Thus, in 1931, according to the official record, when today's "Commonwealth of Nations" was founded under the Statute of Westminster with five initial members--the UK, Canada, the Union of South Africa, the Irish Free State and Newfoundland--they remembered Lord Rosebery's Adelaide speech of 1884 in which he had used the term "Commonwealth of Nations".
THE coronation of Elizabeth II heralds a new era of the Commonwealth of Nations, in the concluding episode, narrated by Art Malik.
The memo notes that `the Commonwealth of nations is lagging behind current international efforts to acknowledge and protect the rights of Indigenous communities' but that `there are cases of good practice among the fifty-four states which give much scope for active precedent'.
During February, Zimbabwe was dropped from the Commonwealth of Nations and the EU announced that it had cancelled US$110 million in aid as well.
In terms of the Commonwealth of Nations, the developing countries are likely to be the most severely affected by climate change, while the developed members are expected to suffer less.
The Commonwealth of Nations is a voluntary association of governments and people of 54 independent countries around the world.
Singapore gained independence from Britain, and became a self-governing state within the Commonwealth of Nations. Later, in 1963 it became a part of Malaysia; it then gained full independence two years later.
This document reviews the 10-year history of the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), which is an intergovernmental organization that was created by Commonwealth of Nations heads of government to encourage the development and sharing of open learning and distance education knowledge, resources, and technologies.
Secondly, the ICJ does not acquire compulsory jurisdiction pursuant to India's Article 36 declaration since it features a reservation that bars ICJ jurisdiction over any dispute with a Member of the Commonwealth of Nations. Since Pakistan is a Commonwealth Member, the ICJ is bound to apply the reservation, whatever may have been its motivation at the time.
As a member of the new British Commonwealth of Nations, Canada now had full power to make its own foreign and defence policies.
Throughout 14 years' painstaking efforts, Sanjiu has developed into a national-famed integrated enterprise group, which presently is the controlling shareholder of companies (SANJIU MEDICAL & PHARMACEUTIAL Co., Ltd.) and other 20 GMP standard pharmaceutical companies, many of which have been granted the TGA certificate of the Commonwealth of Nations. Featured by the core business domain of health industry and with the capability of manufacturing over 1, 000 sorts of herbal and chemical medicines in wide varieties of preparations, such as capsule, granule, oral liquid, injections powders, etc.Sanjiu made a turnover of RMB 8.6 billion yuan in 2004.

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